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Kangana Ranaut On A Roll, Wins National Awards

Still from ‘Thalaivi’

By Bhavika

The controversy queen of Bollywood, the epitome of fierceness- Kangana Ranaut has just won a National Award for her brilliant performance in Manikarnika and Panga. Kangana has also expressed gratitude for having won the award in a video released on Twitter and this takes her count of National Awards to a whopping number of four!!


Kangana will be seen in her upcoming movie Thalaivi, where she will be playing the role of former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu- Jayalalitha, the famous actress turned politician.

Known for her ferociousness and straightforward nature, Kangana Ranaut has undergone a massive transformation for Thalaivi. Thalaivi in a literal sense means the woman leader, and we couldn’t agree any more for Kangana.

She is someone who has overcome various obstacles in her journey as an actress. In various interviews, Ranaut has shared that ever since her childhood she has fought discrimination, even in her only family where there was a bias towards her brother.

She has risen from rags to riches and is currently the ruling actress of Bollywood. She left her house after a feud with her father and reached Delhi in pursuit of her goal of becoming a Model. Even there she faces various challenges and was even termed as someone who has “no scope for creativity”.

However, through her hard work, patience and perseverance she made her debut in Bollywood and has been termed unstoppable ever since then.

Currently on her pipeline are three movies- Thalaivi, Dhaakad and Tejas. For Thalaivi, sources claim Kangana had to undergo serious physical training sessions and had gained over 20kgs to portray the role of Jayalalitha.

In her recent tweet, she shared that gaining and losing 20 kgs in a short span of a few months was a physically exhausting task, but our real Thalaivi put in all her hard work and we hope it pays off soon.


Kangana also had to learn Tamil and Bharatnatyam for her role in the movie. The film is directed by A.L Vijay and is scheduled for release on 23rd April 2021. It is said that the movie is simultaneously being shot in three languages Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

The movie was not shot without its fair share of controversies. Earlier the shooting had to be postponed owing to the Covid 19 pandemic.

If rumours are to be believed it is also said that Jayalalitha’s niece Deepa Jayakumar filed a report claiming that the filmmakers did not seek her permission before shooting the film.

Apart from Thalaivi, Kangana Ranaut will be seen in Tejas and Dhakad.

In the movie Tejas, Kangana Ranaut will be seen playing the role of an Air Force Pilot. The movie is being directed by Sarvesh Mewara and the role of Kangana once again will highlight her bold and daring nature, making her once again a Thalaivi.

Kangana has shared that she secretly hopes that the movie instils a sense of patriotism in the audience.

Kangana has also stated that she has always been fascinated with the Armed Forces. We have no doubts that the directorial debut of Sarvesh Mewara will be a huge success at the box office.

Recently Kangana has been spotted completing various action scenes of her another upcoming movie Dhaakad. She will be playing the role of Agent Agni in the movie.

The movie is said to be India’s first woman-led action film and we aren’t a tad bit surprised knowing that Kangana will be playing the role.

The film also stars actor Arjun Rampal and actress Divya Dutta. The film’s poster revealed Kangana’s rugged and fierce look. The movie is expected to release on 1st October 2021.

While Thalaivi was announced on the 73rd birth anniversary of the Late actress turned politician Jayalalitha, it is expected that Kangana will be giving another award-winning performance in the same. In the past, the actress has won three National awards for her brilliant acting skills.

The actress is also capable of dealing with the entire Bollywood army on her own. Her ability to rise and shine on her own and the massive following she has makes her worthy of being called the true leader.

Kangana has also been a source of inspiration for many small-town girls who are bound by the shackles of tradition. She has fought her way into Bollywood and continues to rule the industry.

Numerous awards, brilliant performances, her bold nature and the feathers in her cap have made us a huge fan and we cannot wait to see her in her upcoming movies.

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