Hritik or Tiger Who Wins The War?

Hritik or Tiger Who Wins The War?

by Sanskriti Tomar

Any idea who wins the War between Hrithik and Tiger?

Any idea about between hritik or tiger who wins the war. Put together two good-looking men with chiseled bodies, and how can that go wrong? But somehow it did. While the movie is a definite one-time-watch entertainer, it lacks in story and builds up. The entire sequence of events seems predictable and Bollywood itself has a number of movies based on the exact format. Hrithik seems to be in a double role here because Tiger Shroff feels like a mirror image of Hrithik.

But we don’t mind that, do we? It is always fun to watch hotness in big screen. What set best with the audience was the 30sec dance of Hrithik and his fluid body. And Tiger Shroff won us over with his fight sequences and stunts that seems to be choreographed in a ballet studio. THAT is how smooth they were!

And we thank Siddharth Anand for giving us Tiger and Hrithik in shirtless scenes! But all in all, their chemistry is deadly and together they make for best looking cast ever! As for Vani Kapoor, most that can be said is that she is also there!

Hrithik has given us some major timeless hits like Zindgi Na Milegi Dobara, Koi Mil Gaya, Lakshya and Guzarish. He gave us Bollywood’s first super hero- Krrish. The character ‘jaadu’ and ‘rohit’ from Koi Mil Gaya is a source of nostalgia for all 90s kids around! His role in Jodha Akhbar was also amazing and we loved his chemistry with Aishwarya Rai.

On the other hand, Tiger Shroff is yet to find his calling. His one-tone unidirectional movies haven’t been able to throw light on his actual skills and strengths. He seems to be taking similar roles over and over again, and none of them have done justice to him. His Bhaagi sequels struck some chords around, but not enough. In War, his inner actor has reflected itself a bit, but again not enough.

Shroff needs to find himself a role like Vidyut Jamwal in Force. It seems to us that Tiger Shroff will be a perfect fit for such a role of an anti-hero. But then that is what we think!

The actor has in looks what he has lacked in script. We just hope he knows what he is doing. It will be quite a disappointment to see him go where Neil Nitin Mukesh went. So now you know between hritik or tiger who wins the war.

The on-screen chemistry of Hrithik and Shroff, however, is on point! The charismatic personalities of the two and sharp jawlines that could cut diamond, was bound to spark up the screens. Filmi Files is happy with this cast, to sum up!

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