The Cringefest Of The Year!

By Nital Jain 

Salman Khan starrer ‘Radhe-Your Most Wanted Bhai’ is one of the most awaited movies of this year and after dropping the trailer makers dropped their first song, ‘Seeti Maar’. The music vocals are Iulia Vantur and Kamaal Khan with lyrics by Shabbir Ahmad and the music composer is Devi Sri Prasad (DSP). Salman Khan wanted Radhe to be his blockbuster comeback, after 2 years he’s back but with what? His overacting, the flag of patriarchy and cringefest. Although, the track has peppy upbeat music and is being called the party anthem of the year

Since a lot has changed in terms of Bollywood scripts in two years, no one expected Salman Khan to stick to the same kookiness with his comeback but nothing has changed for him, the same overdoing of everything, from his music to his usual cringe dialogues. The only way this movie and its song is gaining popularity is because of the fan base that Salman Khan has, his brand of cringe is appreciated by a lot of the Indian population and because of that, he has gained 32mn views on the song in just 24 hours. A lot of you may not know that this song is a master copy of a blockbuster Tollywood song from Allu Arjun’s movie with the exact same name. The Bollywood version did not even try to make changes to the song to recreate it, they just simply copied the entire thing except for the hook step only because the choreographers knew that Salman Khan can never match the energy of AA, who danced away to glory on the 2017 hit, Khan obviously can not dance making the entire song look stupid and cringy.

The new song also stars Disha Patani, who is surprisingly more present on the screen in this song than she was in the entire trailer, maybe because they had to have at least one performer for the track.

People believe the choreography of this song and its hook step is very catchy but it  also reeks of objectification, Disha a 20-something actress is dancing alongside a 50-something actor, who is literally lifting her like dumbbells and dragging her on his thigh, and let’s not forget the hideous waistband hook step where they dance like headless chickens. What was that about? Disha and Salman are seen dancing at different pace also, making Disha look utterly stupid because it looks like she is exercising in those baggy clothes.

The choreography and the song itself throws cheapness throughout and not only the choreography but what on earth were they thinking about costumes, while Salman Khan is covered head to toe, in a leather jacket for god’s sake, Disha has changed multiple  costumes, all glammed up and for what? To be used as a prop or to look like eye candy for the horrific song, because who are we kidding? Who is interested in seeing Salman Khan in a song that he can’t even dance on. How long before Bollywood understands that making movies and music is an art and not everyone can do it?
The song might be upbeat and catchy and you might want to tap your shoes to the peppy number but the entire direction of the song is not very admired by me. In case you think that you like the song please go watch the original version where AA does justice to the outstanding track and make the difference on your own if the recreation was good enough of the original song or just a ruined Bollywood version.  

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  1. Couldn’t agree more with this article! Such a cringe-worthy piece 🤦🏻

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