Movie Crew You Should Know About!

By Anuradha Punyani

The making of a movie of any sort requires several parameters which need meticulous preparations and expertise. Certainly, when it comes to making a movie or any kind of film or even video content, it requires an adequate location or a complete set, a crew with multiple specializations in their field like a photographer or a camera department, AD department, film production crew, electric and grip department, etc. There are several others in the list, yet the motive of highlighting this is about understanding each and everyone’s importance for a single click and a complete movie or show for all you movie buffs out there!

Let us discuss some of such powerful professionals who are capable and well versed with the right set of knowledge in their field.


A director is someone who accomplishes day-to-day tasks which are going around the set, and is basically like the headman. There are few ultimate tasks carried on by this personality over the set like-

-Setting the tone of the film
-Interpret scripts
-Analysing the best talent by working closely with casting directors.
-Work with music as well as sound department
-Direct the actors as well as the camera department.
-Cooperate with the editors to assemble the whole film.

This was about describing the basic details of the director’s job description. It all depends on the individual level on how he/she implements it. The key however, is to stay calm and sort things out!

The cast is all about the total number of actors who form up the whole team. There are times when a specific part is written keeping in mind a particular actor. This can include the main leads and the junior artists. Overall, a casting director can play a crucial role in ramping up the movie’s growth or the TV show, as we all know!

Script supervisor

With the production department working around the clock, there’s a higher need to understand and maintain the continuity of the production. The script supervisor handles multiple tasks like taking note of every shot, props utilized during the process as well as keeping the track of blocking to stay assured that everything falls into place. In case of things lacking behind or inconsistencies, the script supervisor will notify the director so that the reshoots can be done.  And you thought it was a one man army?

Film production crew

One of the most powerful leaders in the group with a higher amount of holding are the production department personalities. This particular team handles most of the operations and is made up of line producers, production coordinators, and production managers.

There might also be individuals known as associate producers and as well as co-producers and their role is influenced by multiple factors.

Additionally, a production accountant is another individual who falls under this group.

Certainly, the total number of members in the production depends on the scale and size of the shoot. For instance, for the shoot of a small story, you might see a single person wearing all these hats!

AD Department

The assistant director department could be easily folded into the production team. However, it completely depends on the size. A good set requires an assistant director on the initial basis to manage the whole operation. In a nutshell, this is an individual who stands up with managing everything during the shoot days, assuring that the department of the shoot works together by following a chronology.

An effective assistant director does not require screaming or yelling at every point in time. Indeed, all he does is smoothly running the business environment along and protecting the director from time constraints.

Camera Department

To shoot a full movie or just a shot of it, the camera and the whole camera department play a crucial role. Though their importance has been recognized late, yet it’s better late than never.

While shooting or filming, the camera operator is the individual who physically controls and moves the camera all around. This cameraman is guided by the director of photography to ensure that each stop hits the mark, meeting the director’s vision. The ad-ins work very close to the director of photography, camera operating individuals, and assistant cameras. Therefore, if you are a stand-in at the set, it is crucial to know the whole camera crew on set.

Another part of the camera department is the grip. A grip is the production crew of the technician who handles the task of maintaining the cameras as well as the lighting set-ups. They build the cranes, dollies, tracks, and few other types of equipment that are required to shoot the movie or film. There are different sets of grips namely the dolly and the one who handles camera cranes. The one known as the key grip is the head of the operators.

Boom Operator or The Sound Department

While shooting the best-in-class scenes, the sound has its importance. Different scenes have to be dubbed with a variety of background music or sounds. The sound department coordinates with the director to understand the scene which has to be shot and ultimately go along with offering such experience. For instance, the background sound for a horror shoot might sound completely different from that of a romantic one.

A Gaffer is an individual who holds the responsibility of lighting set-ups for filming and works closely with the Director of Photography.

Costumes are specific to individual personalities as well as the role in the whole play or movie. The design of a costume plays an important role in making a movie, a memorable one and ultimately making the characters real. In a nutshell, costumes can be described as aids by which film makes dictate their stories.

The post-production in a film comprises visual and audio materials to create a film. During the process, the editor has many roles to play. He supports in assembling footage shot by shot, incorporates music to it, and makes the addition of sound as well as visual effects. Hence, all such elements combine together and make up the most mesmerizing experience known as the Movie.

Sounds interesting, right? Who knew that a simple movie is more than just the actors, directors and producers! There’s always more than what meets the eye after all!







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