Ram Gopal Verma Plays ‘Dangerously’ On Twitter, Gets Trolled!

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Producer director Ram Gopal Verma’s latest film ‘Dangerous’ has sparked a controversy on the day of trailer release. Billed as India’s first ‘Lesbian Crime/Action Film’, ‘Dangerous’ is one of his low budget films which he has been making these days.

The trailer for the film was dropped today but instead of the trailer the controversy around Raju’s statement became the talking point. He was received a barrage of negative tweets for showcasing his Film as a story of a woman who turned into a lesbian after ‘Bad Experiences with Men’.

It is said, good cinema can change the outlook of society. While many filmmakers focus on creating movies that highlight social issues to eradicate the stigma around them, others make it just for people to escape reality.

One should keep in mind that cinema highly impacts society’s thinking process and it can shape mindsets and even trigger some strong emotions, before creating a movie.

Ram Gopal Verma recently took to Twitter to announce his next movie, DANGEROUS – ‘’ India’s first lesbian crime/action film’’ he called it.

After his statement, netizens slammed him for wrongly portraying homosexuality and misinterpreting the existence of lesbians to bad experiences with men. Here are few examples.

It was extremely hurtful to those women who feel a natural inclination towards other females without ever indulging with men in any sexual acts.

A few of them also stated that if bad experiences with men led women to be homosexual, no women in the world would be heterosexual.

However, just recently Verma has offered an explanation saying that he only was referring to the two women in the movie and not to other women in general. He has also shared how he feels that the point of social media is to voice opinions freely and does not ‘care’ if he is shown in a bad light.

But many still feel that RGV reduced the existence of different sexualities of women to “bad experience with men” making the entire issue politically very incorrect and the rage on the internet is like wildfire.

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  1. I agree completely with the story here, Cinema needs to up their game because society is affected largely because of the kind of movies industry gives them.

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