From Farts To Toilet: Is Bollywood Breaking Barriers? 

From Farts To Toilet: Is Bollywood Breaking Barriers
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From Farts To Toilet Is Bollywood Breaking Barriers

Aren’t the titles of the films going really quirky and different? Imagine telling a movie illiterate person, oh I went to see ‘Fan’ or ‘Tubelight’… that poor chap would be wondering as to what’s so special seeing the basic things of existence.

And now we are all geared up to see ‘Toilet’, funny indeed… you use it every day and infact see it more than you see your sweetheart, but yes you would be seeing ‘Toilet’. But this is not what are article is all about. It’s actually about how things that were perceived taboo earlier are slowly coming in the mainstream cinema.

From Farts To Toilet: Is Bollywood Breaking Barriers

Remember ‘Hum Dil Chuke Sanam’ and how coolly Ms Ash made fun of Sallu’s name as ‘Sameer, Hawa ka Jhoka’, which was a taunt at the fact that he farted in front of her. But on second thoughts how many movies ever since have actually shown the lead actors farting, c’mon its natural phenomenon, but still films are scared of showing it… scared of the smell it would generate?

There are many things which were still considered a taboo or shame showing in movies but with the new breed of directors and writers and their innovative thinking, some of them are now being considered normal.

Flashback yourself and think that had you ever seen the concept of ‘sperm donor’ in movies… shh what are we talking sperm and all that… but with movies like Vicky Donor and various web series, now we actually find the idea practical, it’s a way of helping the childless couple and in a way creating awareness. And talking about Sperms, the next thing which is haww so shameful to show in a movie is Oral Sex.

Isn’t Sex an integral part of our lives and what’s wrong in showing the various forms of sex, thanks to films like Delhi Belly where the lead actor was actually shown going down on his girl rather than being on the top, we actually saw a little ‘different’ aspect of it even though it was not shown fully, but yes it was a change after all.

And how many of us have actually seen frontal nudity in films? We go ga-ga when the man shows his 8 packs or when the heroine strips down to her bikini, but people there is more to that and it seems impossible that we shall see a full Monty in movies soon. But hopes are alive… one day …one day!!

Sex leads to think us about relationships and yes, the concept of ‘live-in’ are now being shown pretty commonly in movies and so are the ‘gay relationships’ with Mr Karan Johar contributing to it in a way, how can we forget ‘Kanta Ben’ looking all shaky and shocked seeing SRK and Saif in the same bed!

But why is a gender discrimination here also, if Gays are shown why are we still scared to touch the topic of ‘Lesbianism’. After all, if men have feelings don’t do the females have and the one film that dared to show it was ‘Fire’ although it is still considered parallel cinema. Waiting for that day when Lesbians would be shown in a main stream masala movie.

From Farts To Toilet: Is Bollywood Breaking Barriers
Awareness is also being spread in the form of making movies which cater to a certain section of society like in the case of My brother Nikhil, where AIDS was discussed or for that matter Taare Zameen Par which dealt with the problem of Dyslexia which is something not talked about it so openly, but yes, these movies are breaking the barriers.

Movies are not only generating awareness about superstitions in fairly dominant religious country thanks to movies like PK and OH! My God, but upcoming movies like Toilet- Ek prem Katha takes the social mission of ‘Swatch Bharat’ forward.

When movies were just considered a mode of entertainment where you could forget about your life problems and just enjoy, the new trend is breaking barriers in making us sit and think and in a way making us aware, but there is still a long journey ahead and hopefully one day it would be achieved. Filmi Files is the one-stop destination for the latest tinsel town happenings.

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Saif Keeps Fingers Crossed For Phantom

Phantom_Hindi_PosterBy Apoorva Raturi

‘PHANTOM’ starring Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif in the lead is based on a book by S. Hussain Zaidi named ‘Mumbai Avengers’. It revolves around special agents who take on a mission to bring justice to those responsible for the 26/11 terrorist attacks in Mumbai. It is a serious subject that needs to be dealt with sensitively.
The recently released trailer of Phantom gives it’s viewers the chance of seeing Kabir Khan’s another action movie after Ek tha tiger. But not just the direction department, this film needs a strong performance to connect with the audience emotionally.
The male star of the film, Saif, hasn’t been successful in portraying his ability to do movies in the spy genre earlier. With movies like Agent Vinod and Qurbaan that didn’t work out well for him, this movie seems to be his another attempt in making it work.
With the breathtaking action scenes in the movie and strong impactfull dialogues being delivered by saif, it won’t be wrong to say that this movie is different from those that he has made earlier. This is the second time that Saif and Katrina will be seen together after ‘Race’ which was their first movie together and also a hit. But unlike their other movies, Katrina and Saif will be shedding off their elite image and will be seen in a super rugged look. This is after a long gap that the 45year old actor comes with a new movie after his previous films like Bullet Raja, Humshakals and Happy Ending, all of which failed to create magic at the box office. But this movie seems promising not only in the sense of Saif’s acting as a full blown patriotic guy who goes beyond borders to get even with those who have made his country suffer, but also with his equation with Katrina in the movie, adding a romantic angle.
As we see in the trailers, Saif doesn’t fail to impress the viewers with his meaningful dialogues like the one where he questions that if the Americans can bring justice to the people for the attacks of 9/11 then why can’t we? (Indians) it is evident that this movie will raise many questions in the minds and hearts of the common people and get this movie to be a success.

Bollywood’s Top Ten Strongest Women Characters

nargis16-mother-indiaMumbai: (IANS) Be it Meena Kumari in `Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam` or Tabu in `Astitva` – the Hindi film industry has witnessed a range of actresses essaying women-oriented roles powerfully. Here`s a look at the top 10 such portrayals, on the occasion of International Women`s Day Saturday.

* Nargis’ Radha in Mehboob Khan’s “Mother India” (1957): Nargis played Radha, the deserted wife who brings up her two sons on her own and kills one of them when he turns into an outlaw. For the first time in a Hindi film, the female protagonist was portrayed as strong and resilient, conscientious and doughty without losing her femininity.

* Meena Kumari’s Choti Bahu in Guru Dutt’s “Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam” (1962): In the feudal household where women were content wearing expensive sarees and jewellery and never mind what their husbands did with other women, this wife dared to raise her voice. If her husband liked to drink, no problem. Choti Bahu hit the bottle to have him stay at home. The portrait of a woman as the rebellious seductress opened up new doors in the way the woman was portrayed in our cinema.

* Mala Sinha’s Meena in Yash Chopra’s “Dhool Ka Phool” (1959): The `unwed mother` was an unsung entity until this film came along to shatter every myth about ideal motherhood. Mala Sinha, who was scared of what the film would do to her career, became a counsellor and guide to hundreds of girl students who wanted to know more about pre-marital sex.

* Nutan’s Kalyani in Bimal Roy’s “Bandini” (1963): She can do anything for love. Even kill her beloved’s nagging wife and go to jail. And when a chance to rebuild her life offers itself to Kalyani, she shuns it and runs back to the same man who unintentionally ruined her life. Love has never been blinder and the on-screen heroine never more resolute and passionate.

* Waheeda Rehman’s Rosy in Vijay Anand’s “Guide” (1965): Rosy is so seductive in her whimsicality, such a non-conformist that she dumps her husband for the love of dancing and then dumps her lover when he turns out less than what she had hoped. This film gave the Indian heroine the right to defy stereotypical gender rules.

* Durga Khote’s Parvati in L.V. Prasad’s “Bidaai” (1974): One after the other she sees her sons migrating to the city leaving her alone and defenceless to die in the village. The portrait of the matriarch as an undefeated figure of strength and sustenance was indomitably inspiring. At 65, Durga Khote was cast as the central character.

* Shabana Azmi’s Pooja in Mahesh Bhatt’s “Arth” (1982): Another turning point for the heroine…Mahesh Bhatt’s “Arth” gave us a deserted wife who rebuilds her life piece by piece. Finally at the end she says no to the man who wants to support her. This was the heroine’s first chance to say no to love when it knocked on her door.

* Tabu’s Aditi in Mahesh Manjrekar’s “Astitva”(2000): She dared to tell her husband that she had an affair in his absence and was willing to suffer the consequences. Tabu’s performance as the repressed Maharashtrian housewife who finds her identity after being ostracized by her son and family, was a dazzling display of femininity.

* Smita Patil’s Sonbai in Ketan Mehta’s “Mirch Masala” (1987): The `woman as prey` when under attack had no choice but to pray – until Smita Patil in this film, who refuses to give in to the powerful subedar’s lurid leering advances. The metaphor of the chilli factory as the fortress for female protection showcased Patil’s powerful performance.

Five ‘Item Songs’ That Rocked Bollywood This Year

(By Mukta Singh) The item numbers are hot in demand in Bollywood these days. Every actress worth its name has either done it or dying to do one big ‘item number’. Katrina did it in ‘Agneepath’, Bipasha in ‘Jodi Breakers’ and the only actress to be mentioned twice in this league, Kareena Kapoor who charmed the audience in ‘Agent Vinod’ and recreated the magic in her upcoming movie ‘Heroine’.

Images of Kareena Kapoor swinging wildly on the beats of ‘Halkat Jawani’ have generated tremendous buzz for the movie but the question remains, which one of these item numbers will be the ‘Item Song of the Year’?

1- ‘Anagrkali Disco Chali’ from ‘Houseful 2’: This number is one of the most popular songs of the year. Malaika Arora Khan plays a ‘rebel’ of sorts in the song. With her dusky complexion, toned body and fabulous looks she can always only to kill more people with her lip biting ada. She has a unique style of dancing which brings life to most of her songs.

2-‘Chikni Chameli’ from ‘Agneepath’:  When Katrina jhatkoz her kamar on screen with a little pahua tied to her waist she creates a riot on screen.  The lyrics of this song beat even the wildest of fantasies. The attire which she wore in the song is traditional and it adds more sex appeal in the song. Hanging dangerously low on her waist and choli barely covering her assets Katrina stole the show in ‘Agneepath’. No wonder some commentators believe that Agneepath wouldn’t have got that kind of audience without this hot ‘Chameli’.

3-‘Dil Mera Muft Ka’ from ‘Agent Vinod’: The next item number on our list is ‘Dil Mera Muft Ka’  which couldn’t fire the box office collections as expected but it became a popular number of the movie. Mujra has been one of the oldest dance forms shown in our movies. Kareena Kapoor captured the spirit of Mujra for this number. But in spite of her efforts the song couldn’t leave a lasting impression on cine goers.

4-‘Bipasha Pyar Ki Bhasha’ from ‘Jodi Breakers’: Next in the list is one song which exploits actress Bipasha Basu’s sex appeal to the maximum. Even her name is not spared in the song. Bipasha proudly flaunts her body in a figure hugging dress and inviting people to learn ‘Pyar Ki Bhasha’. Who wouldn’t want to learn this language of love when it is coming straight from one of the sexy sirens of Bollywood. We could only say to Oh Bipasha ‘ Kudrat Ne Fursat Se Tujhe Tarasha’.

5-‘Halkat Jawani’ from ‘Heroine’: With ‘Heroine’ as one of the most eagerly awaited movies of the year of Kareena Kapoor is all set to rock the stage with her fiery item number. She  looks stunning in the vibrant lehnga choli. . With those smouldering eyes, jhatkas and latkas and jaw dropping expressions she has managed to shake the world of item numbers in Bollywood. This item number has it all. From the lyrics to the sex appeal and the song instantly connects with the audience. Whether song will be the item number of the year 2012 is difficult to predict.

These five item songs are the most popular numbers of the year but we have nearly 100 days more to go in 2012. I have prepared the list well in advance but I am pretty much sure that these songs will be discussed by the movie lovers in December when they will be getting ready to welcome a new year.

Bollywood Celebrates ‘Tondulkar’s Ton!

Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar ‘s  100th hundred  is being celebrated by Bollywood  with joy and gusto. Iconic figures like Lata Mangeshkar and Amitabh Bachchan started the trend and within minutes congratulatory messages poured in from every nook and corner of the Tinsel Town. Sample this…

Lata Mangeshkar: Sachin ne aaj phir se itihaas racha hai. Sachin ko meri bahut shubhkamnayein aur badhaai. (Sachin has created history. All my good wishes to Sachin)

Amitabh Bachchan: India breathes normally ..!! Sachin completes an incredible feat !! A hundred 100’s… Never done before, perhaps never after !!!

Hema Malini: Heartiest Congratulations @sachin_rt on this greatest achievement in #cricket of #100th century

Abhishek Bachchan : CONGRATULARIONS SACHIN!!!! @sachin_rt WOW!!!! Ok, tried very hard to control myself and not get carried away. NOT POSSIBLE! YAYAAAAAY.

Akshay Kumar: Salute to the man who never gave up in spite of all the criticism. Finally he did it. Sachin creates history in world cricket! Congrats to Sachin Hundredkar. Respect.

Madhur Bhandarkar: The god of cricket has proved again why he’s called so. Congrats Sachin for the century of tons. You make us proud always!

Shaan: Got home just in time to see Sachin’s 100th 100.. How relieved must he have felt.. Even hit hair seemed less curly…did you notice:))

Sonakshi Sinha: Master blaster… Salute!

Rana Daggubati: Truly Superman!! Mr.SachinTendulkar India salutes you for your 100th 100.

Dhanush: Hey come-u mama SACHIN !! All hail the god of cricket !! Hail sachin !!

Jimmy Sheirgill: Witnessed history today..@sachin_rt..what a feeling..moist eyes and huge applause..salute.

Aman Verma: 100 the elusive number…. And he gets elevated to another level… Historic moment

Mandira Bedi: 100 100s. Who said it doesn’t matter! After a huge sigh of relief that its finally happened, life can finally go on! Brilliant ! @sachin_rt…Cricket history.. The subject of numerous cricket trivia questions in the years to come! Sachin’s weighing scale must’ve gone beserk because he’s suddenly become the 100 ton man!!

Sophie Choudry: And he’s created history! 100 100s! Outstanding! As if we didn’t know it already, he is simply a class apart and the greatest! #Legend #Sachin.