When Juhi Made Court Hearing Go Haywire

Image: Juhi Chalwa Twitter

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Man sings back to back Juhi Chawla’s songs, interrupts proceedings on her plea against 5G in High Court

Some of Juhi’s hit songs started playing like a radio during the virtual court hearing before the Delhi High Court on Wednesday when a man started singing while Juhi’s plea against the 5G wireless network. Juhi Chawla had shared the link of the High Court hearing on her social media account. And it is believed this has caused unexpected interventions from unwarranted elements.

The man joined the meeting and started with the song “Ghoonghat ki aad mein dilbar ka didaar adhura” from her 1993 film, Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke. He left the meeting and then rejoined with the name Manisha Koirala and also with a new song this time, ‘Lal lal hoton pe gori kiska naam hai… Juhi Chawla’ from the 1995 film, Naajayaz and was then removed from the meeting. 

The man didn’t give up and rejoined it again with a new name Janvi and started singing, ‘Meri banno ki aayegi baraat ke dhol bajao ji’ from the 1993 release, Aaina.

The hearing had to come to a halt because of the bizarre interruption caused by the man singing songs in the middle of a court hearing. The court also directed the Police to search for the person and take legal action against him. 

On a funnier note, Juhi’s lawyer said that maybe the person is already affected by the radiations.

It is quite true that Indians have a crazy heart and worship actors like Gods and go to extents like these to acknowledge their love for the stars. Do you think that the man was wrong or was he just being “Indian” ?

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