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Top 10 Binge Watch Web Series With Women in Lead

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Have you ever binge-watched a web series? Or have you ever watched a web series highlighting #herstory? Well, we will list the top 10 binge watch web series with women in lead. Each one of them portrays a different personality of women. Also, it says to make your path and fight with all the taboos of society. All the web series are a perfect illustration of women’s empowerment. So, let’s get into it.

Maharani: Sony LIV

Maharani Sony Liv Web Series Cast, Release Date, Story, Watch Online & More  - Webseries World

“Sarkar Bhale Hi aapki ho, Par System Hamara Hoga”, this dialogue of Huma Qureshi from the web series Maharani is sufficient to understand the crux of this show. It is a story of a Dalit woman fighting against caste atrocities in Bihar. However, the series is loosely hinged on Rabri Devi’s tenure as the chief minister of Bihar. “Huma Qureshi ” took the charge of Bihar’s CM after his husband got paralyzed.

In episode 8 an upper-caste cop says, “Jab Jab Tum Log Apni Aukat Bhul Jaoge, Tab-Tab Lakshmanpur Hoga ”. This dialogue was said after a Dalit massacre similar to that which occurred in the 1990s by Ranvir Sena. That terrifying massacre was shown in Lakshmapur, where 58 Dalits and OBCs were mercilessly killed by 100s of Ranvir Sena militants. This reflects the upper caste dominance on Dalits and OBCs. And, a Dalit woman Huma Qureshi aka Rani Bharti’s fights back against it.

Four More Shots Please: Amazon Prime Video

Season 2 of Four More Shots Please! doesn't disappoint

Four strong, maverick, liberated, and sometimes out of the lane women are seen in four more shots please. Anjana, Siddhi, Umang, and Damini fight with their life problems. Anjana being a single mother and lawyer faced workplace discrimination. But, still had the guts to stand for her ideals. Damini, being a liberal stands for good journalism, despite being threatened by people. Also, she faces various ups and downs in her personal life.

Umang is an excellent fitness trainer. She left her house to achieve her goals and live in an equal world. Then, she loses her individuality for her love. But, later on, decides to live her own life. Siddhi, being a victim of body shaming by her mother, finally proves to the world that she can do something with her life. The series bespeak how society builds a gap between men and women. Also, how a woman stands for ideals against all odds.

The Queen’s Gambit: Netflix

Anya Taylor-Joy Makes Chess Sexy In The Queen's Gambit - Comic Years

Netflix’s top-rated series of the year, 2020. The Queen’s Gambit, a miniseries is based on the life of chess prodigy Beth Harmon aka Anna Taylor-Joy. However, she learns to play chess in the basement of her orphanage from the janitor. After her adoption into a facade of a home. She started receiving recognition for her chess skills. Under this process, she gets into drug and alcohol addiction. Living with an alcoholic mother, new people, and diverse tournaments gave her the strength to become a champion. This reflects that the success story of each person different from another. Not all get the same amenities as others. But, in the end, what pays off is the hard work.

Leila: Netflix

Leila" (2019) Indian movie poster

Leila was inspired by Prayaag Akbar’s book of the exact name. And, has been adapted by the writer of “Oye Lucky Lucky Oye” Urmi Juvekar. It is a dystopian drama that caught the viewer’s attention with its stony, brave, and powerful narrative. It is the story of a happily married couple Huma Qureshi and Rahul Khanna as Shalini and Rizwan Chowdhary, with their daughter Leila. The series went normal when all three of them were chilling together. Suddenly, they were attacked and Rizwan was killed. However, Leila was taken away. Afterward, Shalini was eager to reunite with her daughter. And, she indigents all the norms to reach her daughter.

Girl in the City: YouTube

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Our society still considers a woman as a damsel in distress. And, thinks that she needs looking after. But, Girl in the City shows that a woman is enough to look after herself. A Bindas’s original show Girl in the City is a story of a young girl who comes to live her dreams in the dream city of Mumbai. She came to chase her dreams and aspirations. The storyline revolves around obstacles she conquered to meet her dreams. Viewers loved the way she copes with a different issue all along. The protagonist Meena has only 3 months to prove herself. The series is full of adventures in Meena’s new life in Mumbai city.

The Test Case: Alt Balaji

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Released in the year 2017, directed by Vinay Waikul and Nagesh Kukunoor. The series is about Protagonist Captain Shikha Sharma, who is training to become the first Indian woman in a combat role. In the Indian Army, she is the only woman in a group of Indian Army officers who are training to join the special forces. In a male-dominated place, she fought for her identity and served the nation with honesty. The character is very powerful and highly motivating.

Ragini MMS Returns Season-2: Alt Balaji

Ragini MMS Returns (TV Series 2017– ) - IMDb

This horror-drama series starring Divya Aggarwal and Varun Sood is based on the relevance of “Consent”. In the series, many times it was seen that a guy is not respecting the consent of a woman. As a result, he was killed by a ghost character. The protagonist Divya Aggarwal aka Ragini faced discrimination by people in her first life. Her soul was craving justice for those girls who were burnt alive by her brother. After a century, she again took birth and faced a lot of humiliation because of her ex-boyfriend. Later on, she fought with her brother’s evil spirit and reunited two lovers.

Delhi Crime: Netflix

Delhi Crime: A Seven Hour Long Advertisement For Delhi Police | Feminism  In India

Delhi Crimes on Netflix is loosely based on the 2012 Nirbhaya rape case. It is an Indian crime drama series that reflects a story of a girl who was brutally raped and molested by 6 men in a running bus. The case was filed in the neighborhood of Munirka, South Delhi. The case came under Deputy Commissioner of Police, Vartika Chaturvedi. She handled the case personally and after 6 days of lethal investigation, all 6 culprits were behind the bars. In the end, one of the culprits who were most brutal in that rape incident committed suicide in Tihar Jail.


It’s Not Simple: Voot Select

It's Not That Simple (2016)

People say why marriages ran for long two-three decades back. The thing is previously “Ek Ne Suni, Dusre Ne Sunai” was accepted by women. Now, women speak for themselves. Streamed on Voot select, “It’s Not Simple” revolves around a woman’s side story on marriage and love. Starring Swara Bhaskar, Vivan Bhatena, and more, this series is an emotional rollercoaster ride of married life. It is a story of a young couple who shared a relationship from college. Afterward, they got married and took the oath to share responsibilities and respect each other’s individuality. But, when Swara Bhaskar gave birth to a baby, she became busy with her mother and wife duties. She got no support from her husband. This series reflects the intricacy of urban marriages. And, a woman fighting for her individuality.

SHE- Netflix

She Review: कमजोर कहानी में खो गए दमदार किरदार, इम्तियाज की पहली वेब सीरीज  को मिले इतने स्टार - Entertainment News: Amar Ujala

The Netflix original series “SHE” revolved around the life of a female constable who got promoted to Anti Narcotic Group. She was promoted to fight against a drug lord which was a part of her mission. However, she takes the charge of an undercover officer and hunts for drug peddlers across Mumbai. It gives society a message that a woman can also do the job of what society thinks it’s only a man’s job. This series reflects how a woman can sabotage a male and other social evil.

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