Five Bollywood Iconic Scenes That Can Outplay Hollywood Blockbusters

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The Hollywood film industry is known for its exceptional plot, fictional characters, and most importantly the astonishing action sequences. Whereas, in Bollywood, the directors make tons of movies. But the actual action or thriller scenes still seem missing somewhere. However, it does not apply to all Bollywood films. In the past few decades, Indian Cinema has bestowed many iconic scenes that can easily outplay Hollywood blockbusters. Now, why are we calling these sequences iconic and not thriller or action, is what you will know further.

Bang Bang– The Fight Scene at Shimla:
Hrithik Roshan always charms their fans with his muscular physique, winsome dance moves, and heart-throbbing style. Yet there is a macho-man aspect of him that is what is discovered in this sequence. Here, he is meeting with a few people to fix a diamond deal. However, it turned into an amazing fight scene in which the shot location played a striking role. The huts of Shimla became the track to escape for Hrithik Roshan. And, he was running like a fragile beast. The punches, grabbing, and kicks were perfectly planted. And, this action sequence is worth being iconic.

URI- The Surgical Strike- Myanmar Ensnare:
URI- The Surgical Strike is a film that was honoured by the patriarchal love of each Indian citizen. This can be an introduction to the calibre of action the audience can expect from the movie. The scene was a glimpse of how a real military expedition could look like. Apart from some of the previous army-based films like Border and LOC Kargil. This scene left the audience stunned. How the soldiers take advantage of darkness and use gunfire was just iconic to watch. Also, the physical hostilities were worth watching.

War- 3-Minute Uncut Shot:
In a world full of powerful editing techniques, the best cinematographers are still known for their uncut long shots. However, the way these uncut shots look amazing on screen, the level of hard work it needs behind the camera is 10 times more than it seems. Tiger Shroff being a martial arts expert always prefer doing action scenes by himself. And, the glimpse of that is seen in war’s 3-minute long shot where Tiger Shroff is demolishing everything moving around. He looks like a beast who just wants to chuck his enemies off. That 3-minute-long uncut scene just left the viewer wonderstruck. And, that’s why Tiger Shroff is apprehended as a God of action scenes.

Barfi- Funny Chasing Sequence by Kolkata Cops:
Well, the art of escaping is the new elucidation of action. And, those who have a perception that action scenes need all orthodox testimony, must-watch Barfi. Sometimes, when you can’t defeat someone physically, you must defeat them through smart-escaping. Barfi aka Ranbir Kapoor played a character of a differently-abled man who is escaping from the stereotypical clumsy Bengali cop. And, the way he sweeps away the cops is hilarious and unforgettable. He just jumped like a King Kong or an ape which seems like his foot swinging in the air.

Black Friday- The Chase Sequence in Mumbai Slums:
Mumbai Slums are the next appellation to be jam-packed. It is a place where two people can’t walk together in a gully. Directed by Anurag Kashyap who completely justified how a real chase operation should be? The scenes were so realistic and not like those typical movies where a person suddenly gets a superpower and he starts flying from terrace to terrace. It was a clear depiction of how people use the surrounding element to run and chase. In the scene, Mumbai cops are chasing the terrorist by running through slums, congested houses, and drains.