Five Films Which Depicts Teenage Life Challenges

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It needs no explanation or exaggeration that teenage life is full of challenges. Oh did it sound like an over-mature statement? Well all of us have heard from our parents in our childhood that we are not kids anymore and have to start acting mature and parallel to that we have also heard that we are still young to know something or do something, haven’t we? Because of all this, teenagers usually fall into an identity crisis. They fail to recognise who they are or what they want. At the same time, teenagers go through a lot of hormonal changes as well, puberty. They crave identity, recognition, freedom and they also want to explore the world around them and a pool of things they want to try and ample of feelings they wanna feel. Teenage life literally takes a mental toll on parents as well as their child.
Teenagers are in a real struggle to find their role models and believe it or not, no one is as fascinated by the big screen as teenagers, whenever they watch a movie that has a relatable character, it gives them a sense of recognition and satisfaction. This satisfaction narrates to them that other people also go through similar things.
So, we have created a list of five movies that showcase teenagers going through their problems and eventually coming out of them.


Wake Up Sid (2009):

Wake Up Sid' (2009) - Every Time Ranbir Kapoor Created Magic On Screen With  Offbeat Roles | The Economic Times

Wake Up Sid was one of the best Bollywood movies that did justice to the puzzled lives of teenagers. The movie started with Sid (Ranbir Kapoor) enjoying his life to the fullest, he had a very hardworking, rich and successful father and was a typical brat. After their exams got over he was insisted by his father to join his business but he couldn’t care less because he never thought that his father’s business was creative or fun, Sid was a very creative person and had a skill for photography but he didn’t know that it could mean something. He met a girl at his college farewell party Aisha (Konkana Sen) who was new to the city, Mumbai. Aisha and Sid become friends and realise that they were completely opposite poles. Sid failed his college finals and his father threw him out of the house, he had no one to go to because he was mad at his friends for clearing the exams without him, so he turned to Aisha. Aisha was an independent girl so she gave a place in her rented house for Sid to stay. She motivated him and asked her to do what he loves, he started applying for photography in magazines and got a job at Mumbai beats. This job and his company, Aisha changed the person he was and that’s how he overcame the pressure of his father to be someone like him and his confusion in choosing a career. Wake up Sid is a sweet and simple movie that everyone can watch and learn something from it.

Taare Zameen Par (2007): 

Taare Zameen par 2007 1080p Full HD Hindi Movie - YouTube

A teacher has a lot to do when it comes to the moulding of the child in their teenage years. Along with parents, teachers at school also help a child to become the best version of themselves. Teachers can also be confidants and pillars of support. Taare Zameen Par, showcases a beautiful bond of a teacher and an innocent little child.However, many other movies depict the bond of a teacher and student but, this particular movie is a clear example of why the teachers and mentors are called the future-maker of a country. A teacher plays multiple roles in our life. Especially, if you are a hosteler, a teacher can take care of you as their own child. They are the people who cannot give up on you also, they dig out the real you. They can make you a diamond from coal. The protagonist Ram Shankar Nikumbh (Aamir Khan) and Ishaan Awasthi (Darsheel safary) can be recognized as the best on-screen team. Nonetheless, this movie teaches us to deal with dyslexic kids sensitively. The way these two characters have shared the bond is simply amazing. This movie is about the journey of Ishaan from an differently abled child who was looked down upon by his father to this amazing artist who grew from ashes with the help of his teacher. The movie makes you realise that sometimes parents can lack the knowledge of their own child, sometimes older people can also make mistakes that hamper the growth of their child. Every child is beautiful and different and needs different kinds of care and attention.

Wild Child (2008): 

Wild Child | Netflix

Love, jealousy, friendship, fights, these are some daily doses of a teenager’s life. This is what is displayed in the movie Wild Child. The story revolves around a rebellious, stubborn girl Poppy (Emma Roberts). She is raised by a single parent that is her dad (Adin Quin). She was a spoiled brat and her father decided to send  her to her mother’s boarding school thinking that boarding school will help her in terms of discipline. Poppy was sent to an all girls boarding school and the minute she stepped foot on the boarding school driveway we realised that there’s more difference between Poppy and the boarding school than black and white. Poppy shares her dorm room with four other girls which she thinks are nothing like her or her friends from home. She comes across as rude and arrogant but eventually becomes friend’s with these girls.She starts liking the headmistress’s son Freddie who like her is liked by the head girl of the school as well. This made the head girl jealous aas she was intimidated by poppy. Poppy was so spontaneous and fresh that she was liked by many. She eventually changes into this different girl that she was maybe in her heart  but was just guarding her emotions by being a bitch. She starts liking her roommates and starts doing innocent pranks, etc but the head girl’s jealousy comes in and she plots against her to get her rusticated from school. The movie shows the iconic transformation of poppy and everyone falls in love with the snooty bitvh that she was. Teenage isn’t and if you lose a parent and become this guarded person you lose out a lot, which clearly Poppy was but then her father’s decision was fruitful indeed.

Mean Girls (2004):

How Old the Stars of 'Mean Girls' Were Compared to Their Characters

Mean girls is an iconic movie that has been loved by many even after 17 years of its release the buzz of the movie is not dead. Mean girls started with this school with rich students who have everything and are mean because they can be. Plastics is the most elite group of 3 girls, Regina George (Rachel McAdams), Karen Smith (Amand Seyfried) and Gretchen Wieners (Lacey Chabert). Cady Heron ( Lindsay Lohan) a new student befriends Janis and Damian who warn her to avoid plastics because they are ‘the mean girls’. But, things get bad when Cady falls in love with Regina’s ex-lover. In order to woo her she tries to be a lot like Regina and Janis helps her to destroy Regina by taking the other two plastics away from her because of her personal grudge. The entire thing becomes a fiasco and Cady becomes this new person who is a compulsive liar, bitchy and mean. She messes up the whole thing and eventually realises that she has taken all of this too far. She faces impostor syndrome and decides to quit everything and become who she actually is. Similarly all the other main characters in the movie also grow out of this and become their better versions. The movie is relatable because jealous and pretentious behaviour is very common amongst teenagers and though they eventually get out of it, sometimes it also damages their mental health and they toxicate themselves and others around them. Mean girls is an amazing movie which deals with teenage girl’s problems.


Always Kabhi Kabhi (2011): 

Always Kabhi Kabhi (2011) Movie: Watch Full Movie Online on JioCinema

Teenagers often make those mistakes that can change their life. It’s a phase of a person’s life where they make mistakes and often realize them later. Going to school, liking someone, caring for them, fighting with others for one person, are all basic yet important elements of a teenager’s life. Many times, it is seen that two people like a single person together and at that tender age, all they can see is how to woo that one special person? This might sound cute, but it can also turn out to be dangerous when we cross a line in wooing them and controlling them and having them by all means.. ‘Always Kabhi Kabhi’ is a story of four teenagers and  their struggle through their final year at St. Mark’s School. The character Tariq Naqvi and Nandini Oberoi fight with each other all the time and later realize that they like each other. Some of them realise that they were doing things that they didn’t want to do, only because of their parents and their constant pressure. Sometimes pressure can get to the heads of students and teenangers and trouble them. The movie is simple but sends out a great message as well, that being a teenager is not easy and all teenagers need constant support and understanding.





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  1. Yes.! It is really true that teenage like is too full of problems and challenges, their body is going through new changes, harmonal imbalance and many more.

    AS We all are passed through this stage once in your life. We also know that what we all have been through then why. ? As a parents we forgot. It is the most important phase of life and it is the time when the children really need their parents. The article is really very good and taare zamin par is my personal favourite. Life of a child who needs his parents to understand his problem but instead of understanding they sent him to
    Boarding school. This movie is also know for its song “andhere se darta hu mai maa” this song haa is own fan following. It’s full of emotions and makes you cry.
    All the movie are must watch.
    But also i would like to add one more movie to it, the movie is chhichhore of shushant singh Rajput. Yaa..!! This is not truly based not on life of teenage but somewhere reflect that, as many teenage tried to wnd their life after facing failures but no it’s not a solution dude… Try to figure out something else..!!

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