6 Top Bollywood Controversial Personalities of All Time

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By Navya D. 

Bollywood has been synonymous with controversies. Bollywood audience awaits the controversies as much as they await their films. Actors and actresses, even supporting actors are all eye-grabbers for their off-screen altercations rather than their on-screen performances. It, therefore, doesn’t come as a surprise that Bollywood biggies are under constant media and public scrutiny. The Bollywood may fall short of engaging stories but the celebrities will never fall short of creating public fuss. If you are digging for some Bollywood ruckus, here is the list for you:

Kangana Ranaut: The Himachal Pradesh beauty is indeed synonymous with controversy. Nobody can steal the thunder of Kangana Ranaut. Somehow, the “Queen” manages to stay on top of the list and has been consistently occupying the top spots in most-controversial personality lists. Right from the lawsuit with Hrithik Roshan to the recent incident of getting kicked out from Twitter, ‘the confused aatma’ left no stone unturned till date to stay in the front pages. However, this ‘Manikarnika’ has been one of the few brave celebrities, who is outspoken about the rampant ‘Nepotism’ in Bollywood. Throughout her film career, Kangana has been extremely rhetoric about the toxic ‘Nepotism’ culture that the Bollywood has embraced over the decades. Kangana can also be seen lashing out at ‘Karan Johar,’ ‘Alia Bhatt,’ and ‘Ranbir Kapoor’ calling them watch dogs of Nepotism culture in Bollywood. Kangana has never shied away passing extreme comments and calling names. No doubt Kangana is the controversial “Queen” of Bollywood.

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Sonam Kapoor: Sonam has always been under media gaze and public scrutiny being born in the “Kapoor’s” family. But Sonam has never been a star shy-child. Although she isn’t outspoken on everything, her audacity of calling Aishwarya Rai as “aunt” and Katrina Kaif as “shameless” threw her in a bad light. She has never been easy and fun, especially in front of the cameras and in public. Unlike the fun-going new beauties of Bollywood like Jahnvi Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan, Sonam Kapoor is known for her rude comments and insensitive behavior in public. Bollywood audience even refer her as arrogant product of Nepotism, given her rasping answers.

Salman Khan (@BeingSalmanKhan) | Twitter

Salman Khan: How can we not include the 55-year-old most eligible bachelor of Bollywood in the list? Controversy starts and ends with Salman Khan. Salman has made news for various controversies including his troubled and toxic relationship with Aishwarya, hit and run case outside a Mumbai café, the famous hunting of endangered species and the ensuing lawsuit, remarks about 26/11, and tweets on Yakub Memon. The list goes on and on. Even recently, his father Salim Khan had to apologize for Salman Khan’s insensitive comment during his film “Sultan” when he said that he felt like a ‘raped woman’ while he was doing the film. From his eternal list of girlfriends to his court cases, the Bollywood star is always ready to hit the headlines.

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Kareena Kapoor: The Sassy Kapoor has never failed to awe the audience with her blunt remarks and spicy comments. Kareena Kapoor has attracted mass hatred on various occasions for her insensitive and rude comments. When she referred Bipasha Basu as “Kaali billi” people were quick to frown upon her racist attitude. Even in recent times, “#Boycott Kareena Kapoor” has been trending on social media platforms as she demanded 15 crores for the role of the goddess “Sita.” The entire world went gaga over her leaked MMS with Shahid Kapoor at times when she was madly in love with him. Bebo’s catfight with Priyanka Chopra in “Coffee with Karan” filled the coffers of the channel as the TRP skyrocketed overnight with Kareena taking on Priyanka’s “fake accent.”

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Karan Johar: How can anyone forget the king director of Bollywood, Karan Johar? While he had intentionally invited the media gaze sometimes, there are also times that he was targeted just because he is Karan Johar. Karan Johar is outspoken and articulate about his opinions and feelings on social media. He is often trolled and mocked for his gender identity, for which he once lashed out on the trollers publicly on his Twitter handle, which made news.

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Tapsee Pannu: It would be a great dishonor to Tapsee Pannu if her name is not enlisted in this story. After all, she is as much a controversial figure as Kangana Ranaut. Tapsee Pannu is straight forward and quite rhetoric about her thoughts. She never shies away in putting her feelings and conveying her thoughts on public platforms and most of the times, fans like her for her bravery in taking on her trolls. You must have known about the recent catfight between Tapsee Pannu and Kangana Ranaut, it was a masala filled war of words when Kangana called her a “She-man.” When Tapsee was mistaken for her remarks on “Kabir Singh,” she was quick to justify them at the right time but when were the netizens satisfied with justifications. Tapsee also made news during her “Thappad” movie. The Twitteratti even went to an extent of demanding boycott of Thappad when she came in solidarity with JNU students. But Tapsee was again quick to respond and while talking on her stand, she said that actor’s personal views may not necessarily overlap with their professional views, hence, the audience must restrain from jumping to conclusions. Despite being the controversial figure, Tapsee is a big brain and knows how to tackle problematic situations.

At some point or the other, almost all of the Bollywood biggies were in news for various reasons. However, the above listed actors and celebrities are the most searched controversial souls, who never fail to fall short of their “public hungama.” Even when they do somethings without the intention of inviting public gaze, they turn out to be bickering incidents just because these celebrities are involved in those situations. Be it to stay in the minds of the audience, keep reminding the audience about their presence, or for some other vague reason we have these 24*7 entertainment hubs to keep our plates full with controversies. To keep receiving more such entertaining and engaging content, keep following Filmifiles and like and comment to let us know how you liked the story.

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  1. A controversial place would always have controversial personalities! 🤷🏻

  2. Ok guys this is really very bad to troll someone on the basis of their gender. Just tell me one thing if you are born as girl or a boy is this was your own choice or your partner’s choice. No not at all. All there process are natural and sometimes depends upon your hormones so please stop disgracing anyone on the basis of their gender. Yes i am taking about karan jaohar of Bollywood industry.
    Now let’s talk about the article its really good all the name are genuine and true to their personalities. Kangra ranaut is always in the headline for their controversial statements. In the matter of shushant singh Rajput she talked aa nepotism very much and continually saying that it the nepotism behind the sucide of shushant singh Rajput.
    But after sometime the matter of his sucide get lost somewhere and controversial Queen continue her battle against nepotism only.
    Salman khan the oldest bachelor of Bollywood industry is always in news in matter of his girlfriend about his marriage and love affair with Aishwarya Rai.
    But i would like to add some other names like rekha and rakhi sawant.
    Amitabh bacchan and rakhi love story is no new to Bollywood industry. Both are in love with each other so long and God knows may be still are in love with each other…
    She still dressed like an Indian married women and we all know her husband is no more now. Her statement on this is that it adds on beauty to her personality.
    And what can i say about Rakhi sawant, her name is enough to describe her.

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