Haseen Dillruba: Movie Review

Haseen Dilruba Poster: Taapsee Pannu raises the bar with awe-striking poster  of the upcoming film

By Nital Jain 

The movie was teeth clenching, what was it? Who are these people? Is this love?
No, seriously, all these questions don’t make sense right now. But, you have to watch the movie to know if this stream of questions make sense and then connect the dots.  Haseen Dillruba has pitched to the audience as a ‘Romance thriller’ and it sure is quite thrilling.

The movie is written by Kanika Dhillon with its lead role played by Taapsee Pannu, Rani. The story revolves around a newly arranged married couple who have poles apart personalities. Rishab (Vikrant Massey) falls in love with her as soon as he sees her and marries her despite knowing the fact that he won’t be able to get along easily, but when there is love, there is always hope. Things took a wrong turn and went down the lane for them and they fell into a loveless marriage. A distant relative of Rishu comes into the picture- a proper macho man with mystery and spice, Neel (Harshvardhan Rane). Rani grows a liking towards her and gets into an extramarital affair with him.

This might sound like a B-grade movie but it isn’t at all like that, but it’s just a modern-day Bollywood version of Bonnie and Clyde.

Apart from all of this, the movie has also faced a backlash from the audience because it romanticised physical aggression in the name of love. The conceptualisation of the film emerges from the crazy idea of womanhood seen to be of extreme parameters.

The screenplay and all the actors in the film have done just to the stellar story writing and the chemistry between Tapsee and Vikrant is just a cherry on top.

Tapsee Pannu has outdone herself yet again. It is good to see a woman actor listed first in a film’s credits, going against the Bollywood norm of giving a man pride of place in the cast list.

Vikrant Massey and his expressions in the entire movie have been acknowledged by everyone. He has been consistent with his performance so far since Lootera.

Harshvardhan Rane, was so good just last year in Bejoy Nambiar’s Taish, plays an attention-grabbing character in Haseen Dillruba, and delivers one of the most memorable performances in the film.

Haseen Dilruba all in all is a good movie with some iconic scenes, good writing and prolific actors.

Haseen Dilruba is streaming now on Netflix.

Ratings: 4/5


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