Movie Review: Doctor G

Doctor G

Directed by Anubhuti Kashyap and produced by Junglee Pictures doctor G is a light-hearted medical comedy, which deals with major stigmas in society in a lighter way. The film showcases the struggle of an aspiring young medical professional Dr. Uday( Ayushmann Khurrana), who ends up taking Gynaecology, as his postgraduate specialization instead of Orthopaedics as his first choice…writes Dr. Priyaankaa Mathur.

Doctor G has a very unique concept and makes it relatable in every situation it captures. The film throws light on the issues of gender bias showing the plight of this only male doctor in a woman-dominated Gynecology Department (stree rog vibhhag). Thus begins Dr.Uday’s humourous struggle to fit in. The poor guy is ragged on his first day by a bunch of seniors including Dr. Fatima(Rakul Preet Singh), who eventually helps him grow professionally and ends up being his best friend instead of his prospective girlfriend.

Initially, Uday doesn’t feel comfortable in his skin with the idea of being a male gynecologist, while he fails to examine his patients, he is caught in hilarious situations and incidents. He shows reluctance in understanding protocols and the gravity of being a male Gynecologist. Time and again he is reminded to ‘lose his male touch by his Boss Dr.Nandini (Shefali Shah), to have a better understanding of his subject and the female anatomy. Eventually, he decides to keep the seat, until he clears the entrance to upgrade himself to the Orthopedic department.

While, Uday’s mother (Sheeba Chaddha) who has been a single parent and a widow since an early age, portrays herself to be a happy-go-lucky woman, who has gone through many struggles and sacrifices to give Uday the best life. The film brings a thought-provoking turn when she encounters Uday telling her true feelings of how much she craved for love and companionship all through her life, while Uday agrees to her choice of companion, breaking all stigmas of old age companionship.

The film tackles well another stigma of women being blamed for infertility, while it could be a result of male ignorance. There are again, insights for youngsters of today, to not get trapped in frivolous relationships, that may harm them, while it showcases a relationship between an adult married man and a minor, and how he reluctantly puts her through the pain of an abortion without taking any responsibility of his actions.

Writer-Director Anubhuti Kashyap along with her team of co-writers including Sumit Saxena, Saurabh Bharat, and Vishal Wagh, have managed to create and execute a great script with many layers of characters interwoven along with the story all through its narration.

Ayushmann Khurrana is yet again seen in his form delivering a perfect accent of a small-town guy from Bhopal, while he says ‘Sorie’ and not sorry, at many places, while his confused best self, justifies his character most aptly.

The film is a good watch that rings the bell in the viewer’s mind over many social issues which we ignorantly or deliberately cease to address. Watch the film to find out will this experience make Dr.Uday a better doc or if he finally manages to say quits…

FF Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐

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