Gehna Vasisth: Burning Controversy in B-Town

By FF Network

In Bollywood controversies are like a routine affair. Not a single day passes without controversies in Bollywood. And, the person who is the talk of the town is Gehna Vasisth. From her role in the Alt Balaji series “Gandi Baat” to her arrest in Raj Kundra Case. Or be it the controversy of her nude Instagram live or her stand on rape charges against her.

In the past few days, the internet is spammed with her blabs. From the latest reports, Gehna Vasisth wants Mumbai Police to share Whatsapp chats and messages of her and the woman who has filed rape charges against her.

However, the Mumbai sessions court recently announced no interim relief to Vasisth in the ongoing Raj Kundra’s pornography case. The actress has filed a pre-arrest bail plea last week in fear of arrest in response to this. She now demands the exchange of Whatsapp chats and messages as proof from Mumbai Polic to justify the rape charges against her. Gehna also says that the supra woman is lying and the chats exchange will expose her lie.

In her recent interview, she says, “I was arrested on February 4. Police impounded my phone and laptop. The device has all the chats and message exchanges between me and that woman. And, she is thanking for giving her work and at times asked for more money which I acquiescently gave not knowing what her malice aforethought was. I would just request the police to put forward my chats with that girl”

Apart from this Gehna also commented on the girl who has filed rape charges against her. She says, “She must have seen what she had shot while dubbing the film. Well, that has given a NOC for the movie too”. Also, Vasisth claims that the girl who is accusing her has 50 porn videos.

In Gehna’s further justification, she says that the woman shot for the film in last year January. But, Gehna was arrested in February 2021. So, now Gehna wants to ask why it took so much time for her to file a complaint against her if it was wrong? Vasisth further added that “She is doing this because I stood in support for Raj Kundra. Now, she is doing this to scare me so that I stop speaking out the truth”.

Talking in support of Raj Kundra, Gehna Vasisth goes live on her Instagram handle recently to interact with her fans and posed nude. In her Live session, Gehna asked fans to comment and tell her if this is porn or not? She did it to expound on the difference between pornography and erotica. Furthermore, she asked her fans and followers who are watching the live session if she was looking cheap or filthy in the video.

Pointing out the “Hypocrisy” the actress said she is wearing nothing at the moment. On the other hand, in her shoots, she wears nice clothes and people tag them as “porn”.

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