5 best upcoming web series to watch in April 2022

It is pretty natural to feel lost as you enter into the fourth month of a new year. With partial ongoing restrictions and news about the new corona wave, the hopes of ‘back to the office’ are waning away. That being said, the urge to tune into binge-worthy content is reflected in the Google search trends again. So is it going to be 2020 2.0? Whatever it is, we have come up with an amazing wait and watch list for 2022.

Of course, the Sun is going to beam a little brighter, and things are going to heat up a bit outside, so why don’t you take a comfy recluse in your dainty home and grab something cool to drink while you lay down in your bed with a bowl of popcorn to enjoy our recommended series. 

After all, nothing beats the hot summer like a bowl of snacks with a refreshing beverage and your favouriteshow. 

We’ve got you covered if you already have a busy schedule and need some help listing down a few series. You don’t have to spend hours and hours deciding what to watch as we have already dug deeper and enlistedthe five best series to keep you busy for the entire year. Take a look. 

1. Mai

Who doesn’t love revenge thrillers? And when it is a female-oriented thriller, the excitement doubles up. Starring Sakshi Tanwar of ‘Kyuki Saans Bhi KabhiBahu Thi’ fame, the series narrates the hardships of a mother who loses her daughter under tragic circumstances. And the mother goes on a revenge spree and leaves no stone unturned to serve justice for her daughter’s untimely and most gruesome death. So ameek and fragile mother turns into a merciless anti-hero to avenge her daughter’s death. Could it get any better? 

Release date- April 15

Where to watch-Netflix

2. Abhay

Do you know what happens when Kunal Kemmu dons the uniform of a tough cop? A blockbuster OTT thriller! With positive reviews for the first two parts, Abhay is back with its most-awaited third part. The actor is already very excited about the show and hopes the best is yet to come. Considered an instant ‘go-to’ Indian thriller in the last few years, Abhay is one of the most beloved series in a long time. The hype for the third season is already over the top, and we couldn’t wait to witness the ‘Abhay’ mania this summer.

Release date- April 8

Where to watch- ZEE5

3. Gullak 3

Indian audiences are deeply involved in the stories of shows they watch, and Gullak naturally draws the audience in with its intriguing and simple storyline. The third instalment is here to hit the OTT platform,and fans are already counting the days. Depicting the everyday life and struggles of a small-town, middle-class household, the Mishra family represents a typicalIndian family. Hopes, dreams, aspirations, emotions, disagreements are the determinants of a typical Indian middle-class family, and this show has captured the essence without any flaws. No wonder it’s a favouriteseries to many audiences. 

Release date- April 7

4. Slow horses

Based on the novel by the same name by Mick Herron, Slow Horses is a 6-episode spy thriller that is set to release on Apple TV+ on 1 April 2022. The story is riveting and inviting, and if you love thrillers, you’re hands down going to go on an exciting ride. The story revolves around a bunch of dysfunctional MI5 agents and a confused leader named Jackson Lamb. The book has garnered a lot of praise, which has elevated our expectations for the series. The Times had picked the book as the ‘best thriller of the last decade’ when it came out. Let’s wait and see if this series will be the ‘best thriller adaptation of the decade.’

Release date- April 07

Where to watch- Apple TV+

5. The Outlaws

The Outlaws is a dark comedy series revolving around the life stories of seven criminals who are arrested for petty crimes. The show captures how their lives change when they work together for a community service. However, the group falls into a trap when they, fortunately, find a bag full of cash. The series lookspromising with a solid cast. Equip yourself with your favourite snacks to binge-watch this series. 

Release date- 1 April

Where to watch- Amazon Prime Video

Web series are a great way to kill your time and indulge in some ‘me-time’ where you can take a break from your daily work for good. We will come back with some more interesting lists to keep you busy this whole summer. Stay tuned!

Compiled By: Pallavi Patra