Seven Reasons Why People Not Going To Theatres

movie theatres

The number of people visiting movie theatres is generally diminishing, which is disappointing news for the movie theatre industry. For a diverse range of reasons, people no longer prefer watching a movie in theatres. It’s no secret that movie theatres’ future has been uncertain for some time now. This has intensified with the outbreak of the worldwide epidemic, with many now doubting the security of public gatherings in locations like movie theatres. There are several reasons why people no longer like going to the movies, now we shall see the main causes below:

  1. Content Lacking Uniqueness and Innovation

The franchise is becoming increasingly important in the movie industry. As a result, there is a dearth of unique and avant-garde material. Even while some very outstanding pieces are being produced, the quantity is still rather small. Original, inventive, and distinctive material is constantly in demand from viewers today. They are simply fed up with the same drama over and over.

  1. Availability of several other formats and media available

Considering all the platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hotstar, etc where video contents are easily accessible. Going to the movies has lost its allure in today’s connected world when so much information is available via our television, iPad, laptop, or mobile device.

The typical customer may sit at home and enjoy a comparable entertainment experience for a lot less money and without the trouble of leaving their comfort zone.

  1. Prices Are Outrageously high nowadays

In recent years, the cost of movie tickets has grown tremendously. You must spend a considerable sum of money to have quality time with your loved ones while watching a movie at a cinema.

Most people think this is a complete waste of money, especially when they can see the movie for free on different platforms. Many individuals also have a home theatre, which is far less expensive than a theatre, at their residences.

  1. Several advertisements

Simply put, we hate breaks in stories. We simply can’t tolerate it any longer, whether we’re reading a novel, hearing one, or watching a movie.

In addition, movie theatres fall short of providing a distraction-free viewing experience. Commercials are shown at the film’s beginning, midpoints, and end.

  1. Increase in internet usage

The entertainment sector has undergone a significant transformation due to the internet. You may find a variety of leisure materials, such as music and movies.

These days, you can see the newest movies as soon as they are released thanks to streaming services like Netflix. This indicates that most individuals can enjoy a movie theatre experience in the convenience of their own homes. It takes away the motivation to go to the theatre.

  1. Too Many Unnecessary Distractions

You can regulate all the distractions when watching a movie at home. Simply turn off the phone, and you’re ready to go. But when you’re at a movie theatre, you can experience a crying child, someone crossing in front of you while your favourite hero is having a grand entry, or someone else taking calls nonstop.

All of these interruptions only impair the pleasure of viewing a movie. There is also the concern after the outbreak of covid that you might be sitting next to someone affected.

  1. Having insufficient time

The time is always running out. Despite our restricted time, we have a lot to do. We barely ever have enough time for leisure because of our hectic routine. In addition, our timetable differs from that of the show time of the theatre.

A working young person could only have time in the late nights, but there won’t be that many shows on at that time.

By Ankita