Movie Review: Code Name Tiranga

Logically speaking the name
of the film ‘Code Name: Tiranga’ itself doesn’t make a sense to me, as to how Tiranga can be a code name or do the makers of the film think that our RAW agents are dealing with the fools of the first water who won’t understand what a Tiranga signifies? ….writes Dr.Priyaankaa Mathur

The film firstly questions the integrity of the Indian Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), which is not only unethical but also shows distrust in India’s supreme intelligence agency, which should not be acceptable. The film gives the impression as if ISI, RAW, and Terror group operation heads are some old-time buddies who keep exchanging their key agents for mutual benefits.

Although Pareeniti Chopra who plays an undercover cop has indeed worked hard to get into the skin of her character by mastering her fighting skills, which is quite evident in her action sequences. But, I think she chose the wrong script to do justice to her hard work and caliber.

Parineeti plays Durga who’s sent by RAW on her mission to Afghanistan to capture a dreaded terrorist Khalid Omar (Sharad Kelkar), who had attacked the Indian parliament in 2002. She is disguised as Ismat khan and purposely bumps into Ali Mirza (Harrdy Sandhu) who’s a doctor of Turkish Indian origin.Ismat uses him as a source to attend a wedding where Omar was supposed to be,where he could be captured. Unfortunately, Omar never turns up to the wedding while he was tipped by a traitor.

Although Ismat was going as per the plan, she falls in love with Ali and marries him. There comes a point where she had to choose between her love and her country. But naturally, she chooses to sacrifice her love and fight for her country and there begins the cat-and-mouse chase sequences to track Omar.

Sadly Omar gets hold of Ali and manages to kill him in front of Durga, who now again takes the pledge to punish him. Durga gets hold of Omar and then what happens, is the same old story. The concept is not unique at all, it’s tried and tested and miserably failed this time, not only in deliverance but also tackling the plot sharply. Moreover, the long fighting sequences that are in the animated format towards the end make the film monotonous, and boring.

Ribhu Dasgupta’s direction lacks deep thought in many of the abruptly ended and skipped scenes, as you feel they were shot in a hurry. I wonder why scriptwriters can’t think out of the box stories to create something unique and kick ass. Spy thriller as a genre is already saturated and needs to be reinvented in terms of storytelling. They need to be entertaining yet must serve some purpose to give a strong message to the society.

FF Ratings: *