Why ‘Go Goa Gone’ Needs A Remake After 10 Years

Poster of ‘Go Goa Gone’

The idea of remaking the 2013 Bollywood movie “Go Goa Gone” is much more relevant today for several reasons. The film, which was a unique blend of comedy, horror, and thriller, struck a chord with the audience and has since gained a cult following.

  1. Popularity of zombie genre: Zombies have become a popular genre in television and film around the world. A resurgence in the genre has led to various successful international shows and movies. By remaking “Go Goa Gone,” the Indian film industry can further capitalize on this trend.
  2. Environmental awareness and pandemic relevance: In today’s world, awareness of environmental issues and importance of hygiene practices are at an all-time high. By highlighting the concept of an infection spreading and causing chaos, a “Go Goa Gone” remake can bring attention to these matters in a fun, entertaining way.
  3. Improved VFX and technology: Advancements in visual effects and technology can enhance the cinematic experience for the audience. Using these improvements, a remake can be visually more appealing and engaging than the original.
  4. Expanding the universe: Remaking “Go Goa Gone” provides the opportunity to create a cinematic universe with sequels, spin-offs, or prequels. This not only expands the story but also engages audiences over a longer period.
  5. Tapping into nostalgia: For those who enjoyed the original movie, a remake brings back fond memories and creates excitement regarding the retelling of a cult classic. Moreover, it can help to introduce the movie to a newer generation who may not have seen the original.
  6. Demand for diverse content: With the rise of streaming platforms and improved internet access, audiences are exposed to content from various corners of the world. A “Go Goa Gone” remake can cater to a wider audience by offering unique storytelling that combines elements of comedy, horror, and thriller, providing a diverse viewing experience.

In conclusion, a “Go Goa Gone” remake can capitalize on the current popularity of the zombie genre and resonate with the zeitgeist, while also offering visually stunning effects, an opportunity for universe expansion, and catering to the demand for diverse content.

By Akshat Sharma