Series Review: Never Have I Ever

“Never Have I Ever” Season 4 has finally arrived, streaming on Netflix since June 8th. Have you embarked on the binge-watching journey yet? We certainly have, and let’s just say it has exceeded all expectations!

Throughout this season, Devi’s impulsive nature and fiery temper continue to captivate us, keeping us on the edge of our seats. However, amidst the rollercoaster of emotions, we witness a remarkable transformation in Devi’s character. By the season’s end, she has evolved into a mature and responsible young woman, embracing her flaws and emerging stronger than ever.

As ardent fans of the series, we can’t help but admire the growth and resilience showcased by Devi. It’s a testament to the exceptional storytelling and character development of the show. Season 4 introduces a whirlwind of emotions as Devi finds herself entangled in complex relationships, testing her at every turn.

Right from the beginning, we witness an unexpected twist as Devi shares a passionate moment with her long-time childhood nemesis turned unlikely hero, Ben. But as the season progresses, their feelings become a puzzle that leaves the audience yearning for answers. Just when we think they have found their way to each other, a heart-wrenching breakup unfolds, with Ben seemingly choosing someone else. Yet, destiny has its surprises, and Ben soon realizes that his true love is Devi, leading to a captivating reunion.

This time around, the spotlight isn’t solely on Devi, as each character experiences a significant transformation, challenging their beliefs and expectations. Even Paxton, the charismatic heartthrob, faces unexpected hurdles at ASU, leading him back to Sherman Oaks High. But hold on tight because here comes the twist – he drops out and returns as a faculty member, turning the tables in the most unexpected way.

Devi’s maturity shines through as she fearlessly walks away from a brief romance with Ethan, staying true to herself and making uncomfortable decisions that shape her journey. Meanwhile, her mother, Nalini, finds happiness by moving on from Mohan and embracing a new relationship with Andres, Margot’s father. And let’s not forget the lovable Pati, whose humorous nature leads her to love and a surprising wedding.

The finale episode treats the Indian audience to a spectacular celebration of Indian culture during Pati’s wedding ceremony. The vibrant colors, traditions, and captivating dance performances will transport you to a world of joyous festivities.

But wait, we can’t resist sharing another exciting spoiler! Devi and Kamala steal the show with their mesmerizing dance moves to the beats of the popular song “Samy Samy” from Allu Arjun‘s blockbuster movie “Pushpa.” It’s a moment that will have you dancing along with them, unable to resist the infectious energy.

Devi’s aspirations of attending Princeton University take her on a rollercoaster journey filled with unexpected turns. Facing competition from her best friend, Fabiola, who also applies to the same institution, Devi experiences disappointment when none of the Ivy League schools accept her. However, her unwavering determination and a second chance opportunity lead her to craft a heartfelt essay that reveals her true self. And guess what? Destiny smiles upon her as she receives the news she has been longing for – acceptance into Princeton.

As we bid farewell to Season 4, our hearts are brimming with anticipation. Will there be a Season 5 to continue Devi’s extraordinary journey? We can’t help but wonder what challenges she will conquer next. Will she find true love, navigate complex friendships, or chase her dreams with unwavering determination? The possibilities are endless, and we eagerly await the announcement that will unleash our imaginations once again.

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By Swati A.