Top 10 steamy shows and movies

For all the people out there who get baffled as they swipe the screens of their phones trying to find something intense and passionate to watch, we got you! If you are someone who feels that po*n is unrealistic with all those perfect lovemaking sessions and hunt for some with a story that evokes your senses and end up watching something that doesn’t feel too good. If you know what I mean! Yes porn has all the variety and spice but sometimes we need something that feels more relatable, something that does not set up high standards that make us insecure and simply takes us on a fun filled ride as we explore our bodies and feel the emotions that we might not have imagined! You might also get some new fantasies and end up having an intense craving for someone to do it with. We won’t deny that having an amazing round of filling the cream donut ( figuratively speaking) after your body and mind has been longing it for a while is more than worth it. So we have created a list of steamy movies and series to watch on various platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime and Hotstar. They have that thrill, passion, romance and not to miss the hottest sex scenes. Also the sizzling on screen talents that make you re-watch the show on the days we are like, “ I don’t care about the plot, I can watch him all day. Or her. “ . Lets dive into the domain of sultry romances and seductive dramas!

  1. 365 days- Thanks to the Instagram reels for increasing our obsession with fictional mafia gangsters, this movie has the perfect blend of explicit erotic scenes and some action. We can do without the latter too. Lol. And oh so sexy! Massimo Torricelli portrayed by Michelle Morrone. Three parts of this movie were released i.e. 365 days ( 2020), 365 days- this day ( 2022) and the last part The next 365 days ( 2022). The plot begins with Massimo( member of Silician mafia family) kidnapping Laura( a sales  director) and giving her 365 days to fall in love with him. Everything was on point. From the tantalizing music to the sensual encounters between the characters. Not to forget the one they see in their dreams. It feels so real. Highly recommended.

365 Days (2020) - IMDb

Hottest scene–  Its hard to choose this as the movie is filled with jaw dropping scenes. From the private jet to the make-up sex. Rough and needy. The hottest was the one we weren’t prepared for. A whooping 10 minute marathon sex scene where Laura finally gives in to Massimo. That gripping, wild, eye pleasing and exciting scene is bound to make one horny. Maybe a lot!

  1. Fifty Shades of Grey– A dark, compelling, erotic movie focussing on exploring one’s fantasies. From masturbation to BDSM  ( Bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism) . Takes one on a roller coaster of emotions giving treats on the way in the form of some hottest seductive scenes. Graphic and audio stirs our senses. If you prefer dominance in sex and enjoy watching ( or doing) such film, this one is for you. It also teaches how to respect one’s boundaries in the process.

Fifty Shades of Grey (film) - Wikipedia

Hottest scene– Where Christian binds Ana‘s hands above her head in bed as he enters her in the sexiest missionary and makes her writhe in pleasure. The kinky, dirty scenes makes one grip the sheets in excitement.

  1. Sex/ life– A woman collides with her past after getting married and having kids. She finds it hard to resist her bad boy lover’s seduction and ends up risking her marriage in the quest of satisfying her physical needs The flashbacks she gets of him entering her and filling her in every place possible makes her too horny to not end up in bed with him.

Sex/Life (TV Series 2021–2023) - IMDb

Hottest scene– Her husband reads her journal on how she likes it and what excites her during sex. Aroused by it, he finds her working in the kitchen and enters her from behind leading to a hot hot session on the kitchen countertop. Sizzling right!

  1. After- A college-going girl Tessa falls for a handsome loner, They explore each other’ s body, fall in love, have that shaking the bed sex and make us drool. Although a cliché, it still keeps the anticipation high. It reminds us of that relationship that pushed out limits to experiment and makes one squirm in their seats.

After (2019 film) - Wikipedia

Hottest scene–  In the middle of the night, Tessa wakes up to see Hardin missing. She finds him working out and tells her he had a nightmare that she should be with someone else. She mounts him on a bench and asks him to make love to her till he forgets all about the dream. Watching themselves in the mirror as the two get to it is something else. Super arousing!

  1. You– A thrilling drama which is addictive by the way. A story about a narcissist who meets the love of his life and stalkers her to transform himself into the perfect guy.

You (TV Series 2018–2024) - IMDb

Hottest scene– When Joe and Love hook up in the room next door as forty passed out on a couch. To keep down the noise love gagged joe with a tie as they both struggled to silence their moans. Kindles our senses. That risky sex when you try to suppress your moans as you have the hottest sex is super exciting. Try it!

  1. Lady Chatterley’s Lover– An overly steamy watch. A woman unhappy in her marriage begins an affair with the gamekeeper on her husband’s estate on the countryside. A secret affair with a lot to offer in terms of lust.

Lady Chatterley's Lover (2022 film) - Wikipedia

Hottest scene– When their affair is out it is the time to bid goodbye so they chose a classic doggy style. The sounds of skin slapping against each other is extremely arousing. Must watch and if you are literature student, then it’s like DO NOT MISS IT!

  1. Bridgerton– An American historical fictional romance that unveils a seductive world and shows the struggles of living in a dramatic powerful high class society. Also those perfect intimate scenes. Daphne is the lead who finds a perfect match for herself in Simon, the duke. It grabs our attention and give an endorphin rush. After the marriage there are steamy sequences worth watching.

Bridgerton (TV Series 2020– ) - IMDb

Hottest scene– Daphne and Simon’s wedding night where things got hot giving us a long session of oh my god! Just like that!!! scenes. Making out on the dining table, the sofa and lot more interesting locations is extremely sensual.

  1. Fatal seduction– It is all things thrilling, dark and passionate. A woman sets out on a weekend trip that kindles her desires though it ends with betrayal and is unfortunate. She feels her husband is cheating on her so she has a kinky affair with a younger man. A one time watch for those sinful fantasies.

Fatal Seduction (TV Series 2023– ) - IMDb

Hottest scene– Drunk Nandi decides to have some fun with a stranger she meets.

  1. Sacred Games– A thrilling and engaging Indian show starring the very talented Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Saif Ali Khan, Radhika Apte , Pankaj Tripathi and many more. It is a crime based series( based on Vikram Chandra’s novel). It has two seasons and it critically acclaimed having its share of hot scenes including a gripping plot. Deadly combination.

Sacred Games (TV Series 2018–2019) - IMDb

Hottest scene– The scene where a hot women enters the room and Nawazuddin pulls her sari up and starts banging her. It was realistic and practical.

  1. Elite– A mysterious and suspenseful series that sheds light on social issues. It is a perfect choice for someone who loves teen dramas. Comprising of six seasons the first three are exciting rest seem like a drag. Ample amount of nudity and seductive scenes keep the spark burning. It also depicts various emotions like jealousy, resentment, lust, greed which are obvious in teen mysteries.

Elite (TV Series 2018– ) - IMDb

Hottest scene– Hot threesomes to gay sex to the forbidden ones elite has it all. Best one was the passionate sex scene between Omar and Ander . Wild and forbidden.

We hope you are ready to dim the lights, grab your popcorn or someone else for that matter and enjoy the ride!