Movie Review : ‘Heroine’ (**Two Star)

(By Akshat Sharma) Director Madhur Bhandharkar has a reputation for creating movies which connect with reality. He has done it in his movies like ‘Chandni Bar’, ‘Fashion’, ‘Page 3’, ‘Corporate’ and he taken inspiration from Bollywood for his latest movie ‘Heroine’. Madhur’s heroine has many shades. She is moody, impulsive, brash and vulnerable at the same time.

The central character of Mahi Arora (played by Kareena Kapoor) is a complex one. She is a top shot heroine in Bollywood, a world which director Madhur Bhandarkar is the most familiar with. Mahi is dating a married superstar named Aryan Khanna (played by Arjun Rampal) who is confused person. He is guy who doesn’t know till the end what should be done.  This confusion gets on Mahi’s nerve because she wants clarity on her relationship with Aryan.

This puts additional pressure on Mahi in a highly competitive glamour industry and she starts losing out to her rivals and even newcomers. Glamour industry as we all know is very fickle and insecure. One of the best scenes in the movie is between Kareena’s character and the character artist one played by Helen. She has a philosophical attitude towards life and the industry as she knows what glitters today will bite the dust tomorrow.

Mahi in her desperation to be clear on all issues gets dumped by Aryan and this rude shock sends her into tizzy. She finds a new boyfriend in a cricketer named Angad Paul (played by Randeep Hooda).  Angad’s character is tantalizingly close to real life cricketer Yuvraj Singh.  Angad is the vice captain of the Indian cricket team and he has special interest in beauties from Bollywood. He falls in love with Mahi and Mahi’s confusion makes her career take a dip.

To strengthen her career prospects Mahi plays every trick in the book. From working with off-beat small budget directors to hiring a PR person who plants all kind of stories in media just for publicity. So much so that to promote her small budget movie Mahi agrees to circulate a private lovemaking video in which she is seen having sex with Aryan Khanna.

Although the movie succeeds but Mahi feels bruised deep inside. Her movie is a hit but personally she has lost everything.  To come out of this situation she decides to quit the glam world and starts living life somewhere in Europe where she could get away all this hoopla about her sex video clip and other kind of negative publicity.

The storyline of the movie sounds familiar to us but that has been Madhur Bhandarkar’s style. This time even the treatment is no different. This movie becomes watchable thanks to credible performances given by lead actors. Kareena Kapoor has played the role of an a movie star quite convincingly and it could be rated as one of her best performances till date. She looks believable and her stunning looks with a heavy dosage of close cleavage shots give  her role a perfect mix of sense and sensuality.

Arjun Rampal and Randeep Hooda have done well in their roles. It seems Arjun Rampal can act if gets a good director. He is the next Jackie Shroff of our industry. Randeep Hooda has developed himself into a well groomed actor. He has done justice to his role of a playboy cricket. Even the support cast in the movie have performed really well. There is scene in the movie where Mahi goes to an orphanage to adopt a child and become a single parent. There she is pitted against some artist who plays a nun .That artist has delivered a fantastic performance even in a two minute role.

Music of the movie is better than the most of Madhur Bhandarkar movies. Songs like ‘Halkat Jawani’ and ‘Sayiaan’ are impressive. Editing could have been better because a 148 minute movie looks stretched specially in the first half. Second half is better than the first one.

Watching this movie is not a bad idea specially if you want to know how the Bollywood functions in desperate times. The movie does not represent the real face of Bollywood but it has the shades which you would like to see.

Two stars for Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Heroine’.

Movie Review: ‘Jism 2’ (**Two Star)

(By Akshat Sharma) Actor turned Producer-Director Pooja Bhatt’s eagerly -awaited movie ‘Jism 2’ released in theatres today with huge expectations and curiosity among cinegoers about its heroine Sunny Leone and her performance. No doubt Sunny Leone is the X factor in the movie and her presence in the movies ensures a good opening for the movie.

Sunny Leone plays Izna, a porn star in the movie who meets an intelligence officer Ayaan played by Arunoday Singh. She has no idea that she is playing into the hands of the intelligence agency. Izna is convinced by Ayaan to lay a honey-trap for Kabir (Randeep Hooda).  Her encounter with Kabir opens up the floodgates for everything. They come close and things get complicated.

Since this movie is dubbed as an erotic thriller with a professional pornstar on board we get those ‘scenes’ but no Bollywood movie no matter how bold it claims to be can match the international standards. So if you think you will be watching a pornstar going wild on big screen then stay home and search for video links on the internet.

‘Jism 2’ introduces Sunny Leone as a performer and she doesn’t disappoint. She looks ‘credible’ in her role. Randeep Hooda could have done justice to his role if there was more juice in the script. Arunoday Singh has been wasted in the movie and despite his character of an intelligence office his over the top emotional pitch doesn’t strike any chord with the audience. He is the biggest disappointment in the movie. Good looks and body can take you thus far only.

Only Sunny Leone gives a spunky performance. She manages to hold herself throughout the movie. She proves that pornstars can give a performance even out of their bedrooms. She has the potential but whether Bollywood can tap this potential further is yet to be seen.

In Bollywood movies, the problem always lies with the story and screenplay. ‘Jism 2’ also lacks a cohesive and imaginative plot. At times you get a feeling that the movie is stretched beyond its limits and everything falls apart.

Besides Sunny Leone the music of the film is also a bright spot in the movie. It gives you some relief from the painful experience that you go through while watching the movie. Cinematography is another plus in the movie as the virgin locations of Sri Lanka has been captured well in the movie.

‘Jism 2’ is strictly for those who want to see a porn star in ‘action’. For others it is a waste of time and money.

Sunny Leone’s Steamy Song Sequence With Hooda

In a newly released song ‘Yeh kasoor’ from the movie ‘Jism 2’ actress Sunny Leone has pushed the envelope with her steamy seduction. This new song features Sunny Leone and Randeep Hooda portraying certain intimate scenes.

Sunny Leone is seen locking lips, indulge in steamy embraces and get cosy with her co-actor  Randeep Hooda. Hooda also plays no holds barred role in the song as he is seen giving Sunny Leone’s bare back a sensuous oil massage.

Director Pooja Bhatt has already warned the cine goers that  Jism 2 is not for minors as it is a matured adult love story. The movie is expected to hit theatres on August 03.



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Movie Review: ‘Jannat 2’ (**Two Star)

‘Jannat 2’ is a movie seems to be inspired from the Nicolas Cage’s ‘Lord of War’. A typical Bollywood masala story ‘Jannat 2’ does not evoke much response among the audience.  Based on the issue of arms trafficking the movie revolves around Emraan Hashmi who is a small time gun dealer.

He takes pride in being called Sonu Dilli KKC (Kutti Kamini Cheez!) and his only objective in life is to make the life of killers easy. He had it easy unless he finds ACP Pratap (Randeep Hooda) who is passionate to fight the arm dealers operating in his area. Sonu becomes a police informer after a close encounter with the ACP.

When pushed into the inner circles of the arms trafficking Sonu is asked by the Police to uncover the real faces behind the illicit trade. While doing all this  Sonu finds Jahnvi (Esha Gupta), a doctor who works at a government hospital.  The plot then takes a turn and Sonu strikes a deal with the police which could be mutually beneficiary to both the parties.

The narrative of the movie is predictable but thanks to some good work by the director and his team the movie does not fall apart. It would have been better if  director Kunal Dehsmukh had paid greater attention to spice up the thrilling moments in the movie rather than working aimlessly on elaborating the romantic content in the script

Emraan Hashmi has successfully addressed his constituency by doing what he is expected to do. He plays the role of a brat in his own style but he does not sound like a typical Dilli da Munda. The surprise package in the movie is actor Randeep Hooda’s commendable performance. He is one actor who is growing with his every single release. He has immense potential as an actor and very few directors in Tinsel Town have realised it.

Esha Gupta has not much to do in the movie. She looks glamorous on screen and that is the end of her contribution in the movie. The music in the movie has been highly appreciated by the critics and fans but its the background score which needs a special mention.

In short  Jannat 2 is not a bad film but it is also not a movie which you cannot afford to miss. Watch it only if you do not have anything else to do.