Movie Review: ‘Dolly Ki Doli’ by Neha Ravindran

Movie: Dolly Ki Doli
Director: Abhishek Dogra
Cast: Sonam Kapoor, Pulkit Samrat, Rajkumar Rao, Mohammed Ayyub, Varun Sharma
Genre: Rom-Com

I love the glitter, noise, colour and excitement around a wedding (to be read as wedding, not marriage). The blushing bride, the dashing groom and the melee of dressed up people who just can’t seem to make up their mind over what to eat first. My personal favourite sights are drunken uncles parading their tushie on the dance floor, bejewelled aunties assessing one another with a wicked gleam in their eyes, little boys and girls running around with total abandon; while our bride and groom sit up on a decked up stage posing to the photographer’s whims and calls. And now that’s all I care about a wedding, what happens after (the monstrous marriage!) is clearly none of my business. Well, as it happens to be, that’s exactly how our dear director, Abhishek Dogra, happens to think. Dolly ki Doli has an interesting first half – fun(ny) and weddingy- and an utterly senseless second half(well, you see, the marriage never really happened).

Dolly (Sonam kapoor) is a con bride. She and her supposed family approach prospective grooms, fix the alliance, arrange a grand wedding and the same night ransack the entire house after Dolly drugs her ‘new family’. Robin Singh (Pulkit Samrat) is the cop investigating the case of ‘Looteri Dulhan’. Will Dolly ever get caught or will more hapless grooms fall prey to her vicious charms?

Dolly ki Doli is based on a true incident that took place in Kerala, so however improbable the storyline may have seemed, this has actually happened. Despite a fascinating theme, the story glides down to a crash in terms of direction and script. The second half is a crudely knotted up affair with a lousily scripted climax and a half baked story. My second half began with a ‘huh?!’, proceeded to a ‘what in the name of hell?’ and climaxed into a ‘oh!lord’. In terms of acting Rajkumar Rao and Varun Sharma deliver good performances as the duped grooms. Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub is undoubtedly a brilliant actor but his character does not have enough meat to play with. Pulkit Samrat ends up as a un-Chulbul-ish copy of Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor, yet again, brings forth absolutely nothing new to her character. The guest appearance by Saif Ali Khan was pretty much uncalled for and his being in the movie was as good as being amiss. The downright dumbest moment in the movie was that none of the grooms have a picture of Dolly and none of the guests clicked a picture of the bride during the wedding (come on now people, this is the age of smart phones and selfies!). The songs are fun and peppy and you are sure to hear them play at your neighbourhood weddings for a long time now.

The promise made in the first half is shred to bits in the second half, so only if you are a die-hard Sonam Kapoor fan, maybe, then you will enjoy Dolly ki Doli. For the rest more ‘sensible fans’, we can always wait another week!
My verdict: **


I Don’t Like Repeating My Roles : Sonam Kapoor

mipwar0cpo7zf8zi.D.0.Sonam-Kapoor-Khoobsurat-Film-Song-PicA girl-next-door, a simpleton, a fashionista and a go-getter in different movies — Sonam Kapoor says she has tried to play myriad roles in her career because she doesn’t like to repeat characters.

For her latest Bollywood release “Khoobsurat”, she has shed her inhibitions and gone wild in the “Engine ki seeti” song. But she says: “That’s not me. That’s my character. I doubt you’d see me breaking into “Engine ki seeti” in real life. I like to play a different character each time.”

Talking further about it, she said: “I’ve never played someone like Mili (character in ‘Khoobsurat’) before, and I don’t know if I’ll play someone like her again. Just like Zoya, my character in ‘Raanjhanaa’. She was someone I had never played before. I don’t think I’ll play her again.”

Her future projects will also see her in roles different from her past portrayals on screen. “The characters I play in “Dolly Ki Doli” and “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo” are completely removed from what I’ve done so far. I don’t like repetition. I’m making a conscious effort to play characters who are different from one another,” said the actress, who will next be seen in Sooraj Barjatya’s “Ram Ratan Dhan Payo” with Salman Khan.

She admits working with the hit duo has been an amazing experience. “There is so much positivity during the shooting. I can’t describe how peaceful I feel when I am on the sets of ‘Prem Ratan…’,” she said. How different is Sooraj Barjatya from Sanjay Leela Bhansali, with whom she made her film debut in “Saawariya” in 2007?

“You know I am so blessed. In just seven years I’ve worked with the best directors from Sanjay Bhansali to Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra to Aanand L. Rai to Sooraj Barjatya. And Shashanka Ghosh (of ‘Khoobsurat’) is also an amazing director.

“That such a varied spectrum of terrific directors have so much faith in me is very reassuring feeling for me. Their approval is a great validation for me. I may come across as a very confident person, but when it comes to my performances I am extremely self-critical and unsure. I feel I have a long way to go,” said the 29-year-old daughter of veteran actor Anil Kapoor.

She believes each director she has worked with so far has helped her in her journey. “Sanjay and I haven’t worked together after ‘Saawariya’, but we are connected constantly. Every time he sees something of mine on television, he messages me. Rakeysh Mehra is there for everything I do. Shashanka is so protective of me. If anyone says anything about me, he messages me. I am quite blessed with my directors and my co-stars.”

Sonam also feels that from “Saawariya” to “Khubsoorat”, she has got better with every film. “If I started at 1.2, I’ve now gone to 1.7,” she said while rating her growth, and added: “I’m more excited by the journey than the destination. That’s the way I am. I am always looking forward to seeing what the future holds for me.”
My Verdict: ****

Movie Review: ‘Khoobsurat’ by Neha Ravindran

Khoobsurat-2014-First-Look-Poster-Sonam-KapoorMovie: Khoobsurat

Director: Shashanka Gosh

Cast: Fawad Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Kirron Kher, Amir Raza Hussain and Ratna Shah Pathak

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Khoobsurat of the 1980’s had Rekha in the lead role and she went on to win not only the hearts of every household but also the Film fare for the best actress in 981. Rekha’s character Manju is a full of life and fun loving girl who on entering the prim and proper Gupta household, stirs up a commotion by trying to change their way of life. Now, fast forward two decades; replace Manju with Milli and the Guptas with the royal Rajputana family of Rajasthan and there you have Khoobsurat of 2014. Of course you don’t have high hopes with a remake (of sorts) but then you see Walt Disney’s banner and you pray for a magical Indian fairytale. Well sorry to burst your bubble, it is not. Director Shashanka Gosh’s Khoobsurat, loosely based on the 1980’ movie of the same name and Princess Diaries, not only fails to deliver on its promises but also bores you to death.

Dr. Milli Chakravarty (Sonam Kapoor) is a well known physiotherapist who has been called upon the Royal Family of Rajasthan to treat their wheelchair bound king. Milli’s over enthusiastic loud mother Manju (Kiron Kher) encourages her to take up the job, after all who knows, she might fall in love with the Prince. Rani sa Nirmala Devi (Ratna Pathak) governs the Rathore household with an iron fist where her word is the last word and discipline is of utmost importance. Her handsome son (Iam swooning!) Kunwar Vikram Singh Rathore (Fawad Khan) is lost in his business and works day in day out. Now once Milli enters the household, she is clearly the odd one out. With her jazzy clothes, casual attitude, atrocious table manners she is the misfit and is definitely not a favourite with Rani sa and Kunwar sa. But her dedication (lol!) to treat Raja Shekhar Singh Rathore (Amir Raza Hussain) brings about a change in their attitude towards her.

When I first saw the trailer of Khoobsurat, I thought to myself that maybe finally Sonam has landed herself a role that justifies her over acting, just like Jab We Met did for Kareena Kapoor. Unfortunately for her, it doesn’t. If before I wasn’t critical of her acting skills, I sure am now. She is annoying, irritating and so out of place with her acting that it stops being funny. She does not come across as lively or spirited as her character is supposed to be; on the contrary Sonam’s character Milli ends up being downright stupid.  Kirron Kher, if you are reading this, I think it’s time for you to explore roles other than being a loud, match-making Punjabi mother (please, pretty please?!). It’s like you signed up for a lifetime supply of Punju mommy roles (uurrggh..). Ratna pathak Shah is decent in her role as a Queen but as we know what an amazing actor she is, decent isn’t good enough for us. The plotline is depressingly predictable and has been stretched to last two and a half hours somehow. The only time in the whole movie where you will, in all probability, chuckle (still not laugh), is the last 5 minutes of the movie.

Now the only reason why Khoobsurat will be remembered down the line is Fawad Khan. A popular Pakistani actor, Khoobsurat is Fawad Khan’s baby step into Bollywood. He fit right into the role of a young prince charming torn between his royal upbringing and his attraction for a girl who is a perfect misfit into his family. If you weren’t charmed by him already, he will have you going gaga over him now. He is definitely the latest heartthrob of Bollywood and thankfully, it’s not just his good looks, he is also a brilliant actor with a very promising career.

So guys if you were to take my word, I would say a big no for this movie. And if you are still going just for Fawad Khan, trust me it’s a complete waste of your time as Sonam hogs more screen space than him. I think this week, its best to stay at home and watch Rekha’s Khoobsurat again and reminiscence the good old times.

My Verdict: **

First Look : Trailer For ‘Raanjhnaa’

1826543Sonam Kapoor-Dhanush starrer Raanjhnaa’s first trailer is out and by the looks of it, the film seems to be a riot of colours and celebration of love. While Sonam plays the role of a Varanasi girl, who studies in Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University, Dhanush plays a local Varanasi boy madly in love with her.

Southern star Dhanush makes his Bollywood debut with the film, which also features Abhay Deol, Swara Bhaskar, Deepak Dobriyal and Mohammed Zeeshan. Dhanush, who is madly in love with Sonam, plays quite the road-side romeo in the film as he follows her wherever she goes and tries to impress her with his antics.


Sonam Calls Katrina Shameless

Sonam Kapoor loves to prattle about things but her habit to chat non-stop has landed her in trouble on occasions more than one. Her latest target is Bollywood’s hottest heroine Katrina Kaif. While speaking her heart out to a leading film journalist at Cannes she reportedly called Katrina ‘shameless’ which could be read as a left handed compliment.

Ms Kapoor told the journalist that she would like to give Katrina a bouquet of flowers.  When asked why would she do that Sonam replied  “I don’t know how she (Katrina) does that. You need a certain kind of commitment and a certain kind of shamelessness to do certain things. You get that may be with stardom or with confidence in your talent or with who you are as a person. I need to develop that before I do films like that.”

This is not the first time Sonam has landed in a soup for being a big mouth. On earlier occasions she joined issues with actress Aishwarya rai when she called her Áunty’. Then she hurled some harsh words at her co-star in Áisha’, Abhay Deol. Even veteran author like Shobha have not been spared by her. Sonam called her ’60 something porn writer’.

It seems Sonam Kapoor has become more skilled in verbal duels than in acting department. Good luck to her!

Styling Makes Everyone Look The Same: Sonam Kapoor

 Mumbai: (IANS) Sonam Kapoor, known for her unique fashion style, believes that the trend of hiring stylists means that everyone looks the same. “All are hiring stylists now and we all are looking the same. So it`s all good,” said the 26-year-old who has earned accolades more for her style statement than her acting skills.

Meanwhile, when asked which Bollywood actress would she want to give fashion advice to, Sonam quipped, “Honestly, a lot of them.” Her choice of best dressed people is unique. She says that she finds, “Kalki Koechlin is really amazing.”

“Priya Kishore (owner of bouqtique Bombay Electric) dresses very well. I mean they are not very known for their fashion, but for me, they have an amazing individual style and they don`t ape anybody else. So I like them.” “If I have to look beyond our generations, then I will look at late Maharani Gayatri Devi, late Maharani of Cooch Behar and Audrey Hepburn,” she added.

Her tryst with all things fashionable started with her sister Rhea`s production venture “Aisha” and post the movie she established herself as a fashion icon for youth.Sonam`s last film ‘Players’ bombed at the box office and she is currently shooting for Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra`s ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ with Farhan Akhtar.

Sonam Kapoor To Play ‘Banarasi Bala’ in ‘Raanjhnaa’

Mai Hoon Banarasi Bala: Sonam Kapoor

‘Aisha’ fame female actor Sonam Kapoor has grabbed the role of a Benarasi girl who comes to Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) campus to study. Title of the movie is ‘Raanjhanaa’ and the male lead opposite her will be played ‘Kolaveri Guy’, actor Dhanush.

This decision was communicated to the media after the director Aanand L.Rai of ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ fame convinced Sonam about the role.As per the script, Dhanush plays a local Varanasi boy, and Sonam essays a Varanasi girl educated in Delhi. To make the character look real on screen Sonam has planned a visit to Vasnathkunj area where the JNU campus is located. She will spend time with students and teachers to get a hang of things that happen there.

Dhanush is also preparing hard to look like a benarasi lad. He needs to brush up his Hindi because people in Varanasi do not speak Tamil or English. Dhanush is quick to hire  a Hindi tutor.

Lot of ground work needs to be done to change Benarasi girl’s character to suit Sonam’s heavily western persona. The ‘Raanjhanaa’ team has decided to focus more on her life in Delhi than life in Benaras. In the beginning director Anand Rai was not sure about Sonam doing this role as he believed it would be very challenging task for her to pull off the role of rustic girl. But his team is convinced that with certain tweaks in character’s background Sonam will do justice to the role.

Expressing satisfaction over the development director said, “I am bowled over by her commitment to get the nuances of the role right. I’ve found my lady.”

In My Heart I Am Still A Fat Girl: Sonam Kapoor

She has admitted on several occasions that she doesn`t have the best body in the industry and actress Sonam Kapoor, in another one of her candid confessions, says that she looks good only because of the clothes she puts on.

The 26-year-old actress, who is known for her sartorial choices, said that it`s the clothes which make her body look good as she is still a fat girl inside despite appearing thin.

“I don`t have the best body… I have loose skin. I look good because of the clothes I wear. I choose my clothes very carefully, which make me look thin and perfectly fit my body,” Sonam told reporters.

“I do work out a lot and try too keep a tab on what I eat but there is certain type, style and colour which suits me and I stick to that,” said Sonam, who was in the Capital to attend the launch of `Confessions of a Serial Dieter` by Kalli Purie.

The actress, who had previously said she will be donning a bikini for the first time in an upcoming untiled project, however, said she will never wear a bikini on-screen as she is not confident about her body.

“I will never wear a bikini on-screen because I am not confident enough. I know that I will not look good. I am not comfortable in showing off my body. I may look thin but inside I am still a fat girl,” Sonam added.

 The `Delhi 6` star, who was last seen in multi-starrer `Players` opposite Abhishek Bachchan, has battled weight issues before stepping into Bollywood.

“It`s because of my work I am determined to stay in shape. In my profession there is a constant demand to look good with people watching you all the time. It`s my job to

look good as there are people investing money in me. It`s also that I love clothes a lot and I just want to fit into them so I try and maintain my body.”

When asked that who is she competing with for the best body tag, Sonam said, “I am not in competition with any of the girls but I compete with boys. I think they are much hotter and conscious about their body.”

Sonam weighed 86 kgs when she was 19 and said she faced a lot of health problems and was also diabetic. But the actress shed the extra kilos for Sanjay Leela Bhansali`s `Saawariya`.

She will soon begin shooting for Raj Kumar Santoshi`s untitled project and when asked whether she will star in her sister Rhea`s next production, Sonam said, “She better take me in her film or I will kill her.”

‘Mausam’ is really Awesome!

Coming straight from the stables of actor-turned-director Pankaj Kapoor, ‘Mausam’ can be best described as a wonderful blend of offbeat and mainstream cinema which is full of charm, elegance and vivacity.

Starring Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Anupam Kher and Manoj Pahwa, Pankaj makes sure that ‘Mausam’ is not a run of the mill potboiler high on glitz and glamour but a work of art which is based on meaningful cinema. At heart, the film is a simple love story told in a beautiful manner. ‘Mausam’ is the story of Harinder Singh aka Harry (Shahid Kapoor), a boy from rural Punjab waiting for a call from Indian Army and Aayat (Sonam Kapoor), a displaced Kashmiri girl and their love story which stretches over a decade, marred by communal violence, Mumbai blasts, Kargil war and Gujarat riots.

‘Mausam’ wells up nostalgia with its old world romance between Harry and Aayat’s sensitive cross-community love story, running through the heart of contemporary India. The lovers meet only to part again, a chance meet in Scotland and later re-unite in burning Gujarat.

In ‘Mausam’, Shahid Kapoor proves that he is much more than chocolaty good looks and has come of age from the boy next door portrayals. Shahid looks every bit convincing as he pulls off the role of a passionate lover and an air force pilot with élan. Sonam Kapoor too acts well and comes across as a charming girl with grace personified. Add to this is the magic of Binod Pradhan’s eye-catching cinematography and Pritam’s lilting tunes, which take the film to an altogether different level.

‘Mausam’ is a beautiful emotional rollercoaster and a must watch film if you are a Sosha fan.

NDA students write to Mausam makers

The khakhi wardi (uniform) of the Indian police and army has adorned many Bollywood heroes in the past. But rarely do we see the Indian Air Force (IAF) take center stage. When actor Shahid Kapoor slipped into a crisp white shirt and light blue jacket for his role as an Air Force pilot in father Pankaj Kapur’s directorial debut, Mausam, the people he was least expecting appreciation from were the students at the National Defense Academy (NDA).

But over the last few weeks, the makers of Mausam claim that have been inundated with over 1,000 letters from NDA students thanking the young actor for making the IAF and its uniform “look cool”. “It’s an overwhelming response that we’ve received.

They’re appreciating his character, look and have given his uniform, moustache and aviator glares a special mention,” says the official spokesperson for the film. This will also be the first time that Shahid has sported a moustache on screen. Director Kapur too is glad. “It’s good to see audiences are liking his look inthe film,” he says.

In the recent past, Salman Khan and Ajay Devgn have played police officers in the hit films Dabangg and Singham respectively, and Aamir Khan too is shooting for Reema Kagti’s next, where he will seen playing a cop. Forthcoming film Force starring John Abraham too revolves around a police officer.

Was making Shahid an Air Force pilot a deliberate move away from what has been portrayed time and again? “Police and army uniforms have been depicted in many films, but Shahid as a pilot was in sync with the script, which we took forward to the big screen” explains the spokesperson, adding, “After the response, we think it (the Air Force) will come to the forefront and people will take notice.” The film is set to release on September 16.

 ( Courtesy: Hindustan Times)