Movie Review: ‘Force’

Actor John Abraham is back an out-an-out action film ‘Force’ that hits the theatres this Friday. A remake of Tamil hit ‘Kaakha Kaakha,’ it was also remade in Telugu under the name ‘Gharsana’.

The Hindi remake is directed by Nishikanth Kamath of ‘Mumbai Meri Jaan’ fame. It stars dimple smiled actress Genelia D’Souza opposite hunk John Abraham, who is the lead protagonist in the film.

The film has retro elements of action, drama and romance to it. It is a typical blockbuster film with loads to offer to those who enjoy action flicks. In the film, John plays the role of Yashvardhan, who is a narcotics officer with strong will for justice. He is hell bent to bust drug rackets in the city and take charge of controlling the mushrooming drug mafia in the city. He is a hard working officer who is sincerely committed to his work and as a result, Yashvardhan ends up making many enemies and encounters a lot of life threatening situations.

Meanwhile, in his personal life he meets the girl of his dreams, Maya played by Genelia. She is a happy go lucky girl, who is free-spirited and loves him back too. But she wants him to choose one thing between their love life and his profession. What follows after this is the climax of the film.

After Ajay Devgn and Salman Khan playing the cop roles on screen, it’s now John’s turn. With his rugged looks and ripped abs, he sure has the tough look to play a cop but his performance in playing the character well using his acting skill is what is to look for. Genelia looks sizzling hot in the film; she sure has a smile that makes fans fall in love with her. The two share a hot chemistry on silver screen as a couple and there are some sizzling hot scenes too which further ignite their on-screen presence as lovers.

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