Truth Behind Kareena’s Pregnancy

The ‘news’ of  Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor’s pregnancy has been flying around the Tinsel Town for the past 24 hours. There are reports of her wearing an oversized Tee shirt at the airport as if she is hiding a baby bump. Certain websites have published those pictures taking a guess at her being pregnant.

When ‘Filmi Files’ went into the details of these media reports our sources confirmed that this is just a rumour . Kareena is currently  very much busy promoting her upcoming movie ‘Ek Mai Ekk Tu’.  People who stoked her pregnancy rumours  forgot that at the recent Filmfare awards held in Mumbai Kareena Kapoor was seen wearing a sari which did not show any ‘bump’.

One thought on “Truth Behind Kareena’s Pregnancy”

  1. whether pregnant or not, she looks radiant lately and a little bit of flesh is becoming to her.
    I find it so horrible by the media how they hunt you down as a woman as soon as you gain a pound. these poor actresses! Kareena had become too emaciated. So happy to see her look like a real woman! 🙂

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