Taslima Nasreen Hurls F-Bomb At Poonam Pandey!

Well known author from Bangladesh Taslima Nasreen lashed out in public against aspiring actress and soft porn model Poonam Pandey today by expressing her disgust on Twitter where she wrote, “Poonam Pandey got naked but not satisfied.  She wanna do dirtiest things none did before. Wants to get fucked in public! (sic)”

Poonam Pandey’s tweets have become quite explicit these days. Sample her recent tweet which said, “Attitude is like your underwear; you must wear it, but never show it. But then i like Flaunting the right Attitude a lot :P(sic).”

It seems Taslima has not been able to take Poonam Pandey’s tweets in light humour and lost her temper. What is more surprising that it does not come from a laymen who could easily be disgusted with Poonam Pandey but it comes from someone who understands these shallow tricks to catch public imagination.

If Poonam is playing to the gallery for publicity then Taslima Nasreen should also be blamed for grabbing attention not through her literary work but by hurling F-words at someone who is insignificant in larger scheme of things.

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