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I am comfortable with nudity: Rihanna

Los Angeles: (IANS) Singer Rihanna, known for her skimpy dressing, says she feels most comfortable naked because it makes her feel better about herself. “My way probably won`t work for most people, but the more I got naked the more comfortable I felt. I just have to face my fear,” a website has quoted Rihanna as saying.

“You always find something wrong, you always find something you`re uncomfortable with. One thing turns into another and you get embarrassed and self-conscious about it – you feel like everybody can see what you see,” she added.

The 24-year-old is set to make her big screen debut in new movie “Battleship”. She says acting is something she always wanted to do. “I wanted to start small, somewhere it could be a learning experience. Growing up in Barbados I did a lot of swimming, and I spent a lot of time in the ocean with my dad. I love the ocean, so swimming was one of the fun parts of the movie,” she said.


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