Tusshar Kapoor Exposes His Tush, Becomes Butt Of Jokes

The moment actor Tusshar Kapoor decided to do a John Abraham by tweeting a picture of his in which ass pokes out of his swimming trunks. Twitterati was quick to react he became a ‘butt’of several jokes.

From his acting to what the tweeples called his “man boobs” or moobs, they left no stone unturned to poke fun at him. Not surprisingly Tusshar Kapoor started trending on Twitter by joining the ranks  with politicos like  Jayalalitha and A Raja. Sample some of the funniest  tweets on Tusshar’s act.

@ filmifiles: #Tusshar kapoor  Exposes His Tush, Thankfully He Covered His Bush

@PreachsNScreams: #Tusshar Kapoor forgot his bra at home.

@ComedyCentralIn: #CelebrityTwitterPasswords Tusshar Kapoor’s was “IAmAnActor” but system error said “Try Again”.

@fakingnews: Tusshar Kapoor got silicone implants?

@vinayakbhat82: #CelebrityTwitterPasswords Tusshar Kapoor AOAOAO

@Lady_Bheem: Tusshar Kapoor is trending .. So the Mayan Calender thingy was right .. End is near 😐

@IyerAvin: #CelebrityTwitterPasswords Tusshar Kapoor – tussharunderscore1

@jhunjhunwala: Inspired BY Aamir Khan other actors also want to do social service.Tusshar kapoor can do social service by quitting acting .

@UrbanChick_: I say it best when I say nothing at all -Tusshar Kapoor. #booksbollywoodstars write

@ikaveri: I heard that ‘Tush’har kapoor made an ASS of himself today.

@TheRadioJoker: Jeetu ji used to jump. Tusshar Kapoor is showing his bum n asking people to come n hump.

@DadduG: Tusshar Kapoor is India’s answer to Scooby Doo.

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