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Poonam Pandey Celebrates ‘Bikini Day’ With Gusto

Poonam Pandey: (Pic Courtesy Twitter)

Today is the International Bikini day which is marked by the debut of bikini swim suit, designed by French designer by Louis Reard, on 5th July, 1946 in Paris. Internet model took t Poonam Pandey took this opportunity to flash her body and posted her new bikini clad pictures.

Posting a message on a social networking she wrote, “Today is International Bikini Day and we r gonna Celebrate this.. will have a Non stop Party here on Twitter (sic).” She went a step ahead and declared this day as the Poonam Pandey Day.  She further tweeted, ‘Why not name this International Bikini Day as – #PoonamPandeyDay or The Poonam Pandey Bikini Revolution. :D’.

With her uncanny ability to tap every moment Poonam Pandey certainly knows how to be in the news all the time. Yesterday when the world was discussing God’s Particle she challenged the scientists to discover ‘G Spot’ ! Poonam wrote “What the big deal in finding God particle…dare them to find the G-Spot! They`ve finally found the God particle, what`s taking them so long finding the g-spot? ”

Adding further she wrote: “Is god particle another name for the G-spot, and the scientist dude found it after much effort last night?? no?”






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