Poonam Pandey Goes Commando !

Pic Courtesy :Twitter

Pressure to show more skin has pushed wannabe actor cum model Poonam Pandey to go commando. With Sherlyn Chopra’s Playboy act hogging the limelight Poonam Pandey must be feeling ignored. Therefore she decided to make a comeback by posting a picture which gives a peek of her asscheeks.

She wrote on twitter last night “No pants are the best pants,” and added, “I complain about my house being so fucking cold yet I`m walking around with no pants on… Oh, alright (sic).” Taking it further Poonam informed her fans,  “Whenever I lie around naked and fondle my breasts, I realize I’m not a porn star and I’m not getting paid so I never do that, idiots(sic).”

Certainly the pressure is showing on her as she has to discover new ways to get people hooked on her.

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