“The World Has Ended, It’s a Joke !” : Robert Pattinson

London: (ANI)  Robert Pattinson admitted that his world has ended during his first interview following Kristen Stewart’s affair with married director Rupert Sanders – but quickly covered his tracks saying: “That was my attempt at a joke.” The ‘Twilight’ star endured his first televised interview for The Daily Show since news of Stewart’s infidelities with Sanders broke at the end of last month, the Daily Mail reported.

While it was presumed that show host Jon Stewart would be banned from asking awkward questions, he managed to worm the topic into conversation. During the show, which is set to air on Comedy Central, Stewart joked: “The world has ended!” He was referencing the demise of Hollywood’s golden couple, who are the Brangelina of their generation for pre-teens and twenty somethings. According to Life and Style, Pattinson held his own, quipping: “It has!”

He then added: “That was my attempt at a joke.” To which Stewart responded: “You’re better off. Kick her to the curb!” Stewart reportedly began the interview by handing the actor a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream, saying: “Let’s talk about this, man-to-man.” One online blogger, professing to be a chauffeur for Pattinson’s latest film ‘Cosmopolis,’ appeared to have been inside the recording session and witnessed everything first-hand.

The Twitter user, known only as Tinker Bell, said: “Rob was real.  “Awkward and kinda sad at parts but it was still handled with class and a touches of humor. “In between the show, when Rob was gone, Jon said he’s such a sweet guy. Nice kid and for this to happen *head shakes*” The social network user stressed they “inadvertently talked about the situation” with Kristen a lot.

“It was all handled pretty classy for a political comedy show with a sensitive topic for the guest. “Jon Stewart kept referring to the situation as a break up. About 3 different times. Rob didn’t comment,” the source added.

Pattinson returns to the spotlight soon after the scandal to promote his new leading man role in David Cronenberg’s thriller ‘Cosmopolis.’


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