Vatican Goes Gaga Over James Bond !

Daniel Craig in ‘Skyfall’

Fictitious British spy James Bond has millions of fans worldwide but ‘Skyfall’ has produced an uncommon fan in Vatican. The Vatican’s mouthpiece ‘ L’Osservatore Romano’ dedicated an entire page and five articles in appreciation of James Bond. The Vatican paper recognizes ‘Skyfall’ as one of the best Bond flicks ever made and it stopped just before naming him some sort of ‘Catholic Hero’.

Giving an insight into this Vatican’s ‘change of heart’ reputed English daily ‘The Telegraph’  writes, “As the mouthpiece of the Holy See, L’Osservatore Romano, which was founded 151 years ago, used to run only turgid editorials on Catholic saints, articles on theology and notices of the Pope’s official engagements. But since a new editor was appointed in 2007 and urged by Pope Benedict XVI to make the publication more relevant, it has ventured into popular culture, commenting on everything from Harry Potter to The Blues Brothers.”

The Vatican paper has appreciated the latest Bond flick ‘Skyfall’ in great detail. Under the headline “007 – license to cry”, the mouthpiece writes ” Skyfall had all ingredients of a classic Bond film, from “adrenalin-pumped action to exotic locations, beautiful Bond girls, and the inevitable vodka Martini – shaken, not stirred.”

Calling ‘Skyfall’ the most convincing of all Bond films starring Daniel Craig the Vatican paper wrote , ” Skyfall is less clichéd, less attracted by the pleasures of life, more introspective and more vulnerable physically and psychologically”.

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