Guest Appearance: Decoding Kabir Singh

Guest Appearance: Decoding Kabir Singh

By Pooja Chhabra

My phone was bursting after every second with another notification and it made me curious enough to know what is the latest update that has made sensation in my WhatsApp group, my fingers were longing to touch the screen and unwind the mystery yet I managed to hold on till my meeting was over and as soon as I reached my phone it showed me 238 unread messages in my ‘girly gang’.

All negative and positive thoughts were flushed out of my mind when I read ‘Kabir Singh’. It has been long we have discussed anything beyond the lipstick shades, lingerie and sex life, I had anticipated that this is something massive.

The romantic lover has turned out be an outrageous one, what a love story man! He was so passionate and many more made me not to think about the spoilers and I asked “tell me more about him” and here it all began. Filmi files is the best online destination for magazine lovers.

Dr. Kabir Rajveer Singh a surgeon by profession, to be corrected a drunk surgeon by profession. A lover with a rage to whom it won’t be incorrect to mention as a Romeo of the contemporary world, he is a flawed man who is addicted, obsessed, having anger management issues, a chain smoker, a broad alcoholic who has shown us that love has no boundaries, he calls himself a rebellion with a cause and who has fallen in love with the way she breathes has made him an extreme lover.

“Hey! Guys just chill he was just a fictional character nothing to be emotional about as this happens in fictions only”, a new perspective that made me realize something else about ‘Kabir Singh’ continued with another justification. No, he was not just fictional he was beyond that, he was an unconventional human, showcasing the reality of pure love, he was a combination of aggression and vulnerability, his aggression affected him at its best he lost everything he loved and was passionate about. Preeti left him, he lost his degree another thing that summed up his passion.

“He deserved it, slapping the women you love is not pure love”, the feminist of our gang turned up. He was also slapped by her, then why we haven’t judged her actions.

It was a consensual love story, which allowed both the partners to love and to express. Preeti was simple yet a strong woman who knew the softness behind the rageous man who has fought for her, protected her, cared for her, loved her and even slapped her. This time feminist bowed down to the exquisite love presented by Kabir for Preeti.

Convincingly, I agreed and curious enough to watch this man and his passionate love story, I had a question, “he wasn’t a loyal lover, was he”? I didn’t expect the similar rage over on me, as if they all busted at me telling me “NO” he was completely loyal.

Though he ran after women for his bodily pleasures, he couldn’t get them, he pretended to be one who objectifies women, in reality, he wasn’t. Instead, he believed relationships are formed with love and not from body and flesh.

He was so sure about his love for her that he declared her as ‘his bandi’ at her first sight. With all other spoilers came into my way yet it didn’t take away my inquisitive attitude towards this man full of rage and his love story.

I was for sure overwhelmed by the fact that these people around me has considered ‘Kabir Singh’ a human being among us, making me feel like having an experience of an Elite love story where a great surgeon belonging to a well off family fought for his love through his aggression and lost everything in his madness and was finally addicted.

We all have such lovers around us, whose love is not accepted by society. Everyone is not fortunate enough the way our Kabir Singh was to get back the love of his life and for sure it ended up in a fictional story.

Well, the blockbuster of 2019 has set some standards for the upcoming love stories and had made us wonder that a love story could move such a large population of a country where we all were moving towards more feasibility, materialism, and show off in our relationships that have somehow successfully aroused the feeling of pure love.

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