Bollywood Biggies Bogged Down By Covid Bug!

By FF Network

Covid-19 has been the talk of our daily conversations since 2019 and Bollywood could not escape from the Pandemic.

Maharashtra is the state which has been the most affected state in India by the Pandemic, so Mumbai and Bollywood had also been hit hard.

The film industry has been facing the problem ever since the second surge has been witnessed across the nation. Even some of the fittest and young actors in the tinsel town have been infected by the Virus. Some of the Bollywood Biggies hit by COVID-19 are:

1. Kangana Ranaut:
After being ridiculed for calling the virus as small flu which got too much press, the virus ultimately hit Kangana too. She wrote on her social media, that she has been feeling tired and weak and will demolish it. She got herself tested as she was going to travel to her hometown in Himachal Pradesh. She has been recently suspended permanently from Twitter over her controversial series of tweets on the West Bengal elections.

2. Akshay Kumar:
Although Akshay is one of the finest and fittest Bollywood actor, covid did not spare him either. Akshay who has been working on the sets of Ram Setu was tested positive with over 40 memebers of the crew. Akshay Kumar was initially home quarantined. Later hospitalised but he managed to defeat COViD-19 in his true ‘ Khiladi Kumar’ style. Luckily none of his family members caught the virus.

3.Deepika Padukone
The highest-paid Bollywood actress’s father, Prakash Padukone was recently hospitalised due to covid and a few days later, Deepika was also tested positive for the same. Married to Ranveer Singh, Deepika has not come out in public to inform her fans about her father’s or her own health but we are hoping for the best. Deepika’s father is in Bengaluru and it’s said that he’s been recovering.

4. Shilpa Shetty
During these bad times, only good health and immunity can save you, and Shilpa being the yoga guru saved herself from the virus while her entire family, including her children, were tested positive for covid. Shilpa said that her family has been battling with covid and these have been very ‘Difficult 10 days.’

5. Ranbir Kapoor
After being out of the city of days, Ranbir Kapoor was tested positive a few weeks back. “Ranbir has tested positive for covid-19. He is on medication and recovering well. He is self quarantined at home and is following all precautions,” said Neetu Kapoor.

6. Alia Bhatt
Few days after Ranbir Kapoor ( Alia’s Boyfriend) she was also tested positive for covid-19. She shared the news via her Instagram handle. She mentioned that she was in home quarantine. Alia’s fans were smart enough to anticipate about her infection even before she disclosed it on her socials. The industry grapevine is that her frequent visits to Ranbir Kapoor’s house and not following Covid protocols has made it absolute certain that she would get infected too. What great love!

We in Filmi Files wish these Bollywood stars speedy recovery.

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