The Rise And Fall of Ram Gopal Verma!

Ram Gopal Verma on the sets of his Latest film ‘Dangerous’ (Pic Courtesy: RGV Twitter Account)

By Akshat Sharma

Ram Gopal Varma (RGV), An Indian Producer, Director and Screenwriter for Hindi and Telugu cinema. He is also known for his television dramas in the industry. 

Recently Ram Gopal Varma came into the chain of controversies because of the launch of his new film trailer ‘Dangerous’ released on 13th May 2021. Ram Gopal Varma has evolved his life around controversies over a while. Ram Gopal Varma received The ‘National Film Award’ for scripting of “Shool”, a popular political crime drama released in 1999.

In 2004, Ram Gopal Varma was featured in BBC World Series Bollywood Bosses and in 2006, because of his intensity of work in experimental films he was cited as “Bombay’s most successful Maverick”.

Winning moments of Ram Gopal Varma

Being a civil engineer he never fell into the trap of not achieving goals and made a blockbuster entry into Telugu cinema with a path-breaking crime thriller and action movie named Siva in 1989 which was also screened at the 13th International Film Festival of India and won Nandi Awards for Best Direction and Best first film of a director. Siva also won Filmfare Award for Best Film – Telugu.

Earlier Ram Gopal Varma films were also considered as a guide for beginners in filmmaking and inspiration for many directors like Puri Jagannadh, Krishna Vamsi and Teja who use to follow his work as a student and learn how to make starling yet remarkable film. Some of the famous movies of Ram Gopal Varma were Gulabi (1995), Rangeela (1995), Bhoot (2003), Sarkar (2005), Shiva (1990), Satya (1998), and many others…

Over the past few years, the quality of his films has come down and hatred and controversies for his films have increased which no one ever imagined off. His movies no longer revolve around mainstream content but just a controversial topic to talk and troll about. He use to make society oriented movies in the late 90s and earlier 2000s but as time grows his mindset for creating and producing movies has changed. 

Audience believes…

Some of his last few films like Enter the girl dragon (2019), Lakshmi’s NTR (2019), Thriller (2020), Power star (2020), Corona Virus (2020), Murder (2020), Naked (2020), 12’o clock (2021), and some more have just gathered controversies. His approach to creating films has changed as you can see by the names of the movie itself.

The names of the movies suggest what plot the movie evolve around. The difference between the change in plot and genre of the movie is in front of you as the years changed the plot and genre for making and producing movies by Ram Gopal Varmahas been changed.

A few of his Audience stated that his films are no longer made with the mindset for a family audience yet he makes movies for an adult audience only. None of the family can watch his recent films by sitting on the couch with the whole family with a pack of popcorn in the hand.

Before Dangerous, his movie Power Star has raised the bar for hatred ness for his movies and he was also attached by fans of Indian actor Pawan Kalyan. Just like that movie named Naked took another bar for trolling and controversies. Now his movies focus nolonger on society’s interest but to earn the maximum amount of money from the movie.

Impact of Controversiality on the life of Ram Gopal Varma

It is said, Movies are made for entertainment and talking about a social issue and spreading social message but Ram Gopal Varma films don’t do so! He use to spread the social message from his earlier movies but now it’s all about teen and youngsters drama. Is it a vicious mindset of Varma or he is a mad genius? No one got the answer to this question till now! 

RGV tried to clarify controversies but somehow he ends up trolled by the audience once again just like he slammed once again for his latest movie Dangerous. The audience also says after so much hatred and trolling his films are getting more worse than ever. Fans of Ram Gopal Varma have been pushed by him to change their roads from him to follow other directors.

Seeing the reaction for his films from the audience all the OTT platforms have decided to take an action against him by not releasing or streaming any of his movies, as well as most top-rated agencies, have declined the request to promote his movie in the industry. No one knows why he is trying to ruin everything he created since 1989.

The art of storytelling in his movies are no longer for family’s entertainment, it is more for adults. His movies have changed the path from being creative with a social message to controversial with amessage.

Knowing the response of the audience, Ram Gopal Varma must change the road to the career of his movies now else it will be hard for him to make come back in the industry with super-hit films like Rangeela, Shiva, and others.

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