When Food Items Became Bollywood Songs’ Staple!

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Bollywood is known for its unique and ‘out of the box’ experiments. Not only the story and presentation but also carrying out the songs. The lyrics of the songs encompasses all the masala elements which adds new tadka to your straight collar life.

The songs have used samosas to jalebis, strawberries to neem and successfully ranked the charts. Bollywood is certainly a house of emotions with all the sweet and sour experiences which also reflects in the songs.

Earlier only the eyes were compared as intoxicating as whiskey but now we have a full set of food items which has successfully become a part of Bollywood songs. Sometimes even if the movie didn’t do well, the movie is remembered by its delicious songs. We all are truly filmy and can easily say that we have a scope and big heart for everything related to Bollywood.

Being one of the oldest and biggest film making industries which exists today, we have seen Bollywood survive an era with new experiments and trials. It has stood tall and invincible without being afraid of the foreign trends. For example we have all categories of characters ranging from the macho man to sugar candy romantic boy or even a roadside Romeo.

The songs match the look and feel of the plot which is depicted in the movies. The wide range of diversity makes it richer, bigger and vibrant for different classes and categories of the audience. Different languages, different actors and different genres make us have a brand new experience every time.

The love for food and the partner reflects in the song which sometimes makes sense or sometimes makes it totally wacky. It’s impossible to imagine them both together but not in Hindi songs. Let us see how. 

One of the examples where it touched the right chords of our heart was the song “Kabhi neem neem kabhi shahed shahed.” which described the unpredictability of a partner. If the female compared the spouse to be neem or honey, the male counterpart also decided that his Miss Perfect should be willing to serve with ‘Garam chai ki pyaali.’ These songs really set the expectations about one’s soulmate and set a funny tone while viewing the dance number. 

The street food of India has a special place in our hearts as well as in our movies. Some of the tempting examples include “Jab tak rahega samose mein aloo, tera rahunga oh meri shaalu.” and “main toh raste se jaa raha hai bhelpuri kha raha tha.” The startling fact is that we have even compared the heroine’s eyes with strawberries. Kajol even in the wildest of her imaginations wouldn’t have thought to have such eyes.   

I am sure you will be shocked to notice that ‘Nimbu’ and ‘Anda’ were also incorporated as an element in our songs. These are two main items found in the kitchen but having them in a song made little less sense and made it hard to digest. 

Sometimes the irrelevant timing and inappropriateness of the words makes us have indigestion and we don’t enjoy the silly composition. However, sometimes music saves the words even if they don’t make sense or come out as absurd. Different permutations and combinations provide us with an out of the world experience which is difficult to be penned down in words.   

Bollywood is certainly more vast and innovative than all these cited examples. The freshness of typically crafted songs adds magic and brings smiles on our face. No wonder the western world regards our films as ‘stress busters.’ These slowly start ruling your hearts and continue to lift your inner spirit. The rejuvenation and vibe generated is unparalleled. I really think the legacy should carry on and the lighthearted songs should continue to add fun in our serious lives.

The lyricists should actively put their creative juices flowing and come up with tastier add on elements which rocks and rolls a large section of audience. Any DJ celebration is incomplete if you have not found yourself dancing to the tunes of Jalebi bai and Namak ishq ka.

Music definitely has the ability to turn a simple lazy afternoon into a jazzy energetic time. Some of the lyrics also made me miss food which later turned out to be a sensitive issue. Yes, I am talking about the Chicken song of Bajrangi Bhaijaan where Bhaijaan gave away names of some exotic Mughlai cuisines like Mutton Nihari, Kebab and Biryani and told us to try without thinking about the religious sentiments.

Barring the food, Bollywood also embraces desserts like Jalebi, Chocolate icecreams (Hum Aapke Hain Koun) and Ala Barfi. The sweetness of the song and the character adds new charm and tends to lure the music enthusiasts.

We also offer the juicy chemistry which highlights the actor as ‘Rang Sharbaton ka.’ Bollywood lyrics and Indian food are two of the best things to dive in and trust me your quest can turn out to be never ending. The occasion, look and feel is truly complemented when you have groovy dance numbers like Gur naal ishq, Bhelpuri kha raha tha etc.

Bollywood never ceases to disappoint us. It gives us different flavours from time to time and makes us feel stress free with its lively composition. Excitement from songs and celebrating small joys of life has always been an important takeaway from the Hindi movies.

The freshness and innovation embraces you with open arms and helps you to shun negativity. So, in case you are a foodie and enjoy watching Bollywood movies and songs it is exactly the right time to revisit the songs which are even tasty to listen to. I am sure you must have heard all those songs but never really thought from a different angle.

The search doesn’t end here and now the lyricists would be searching for more unique elements to provide a fun experience to their audience. The food elements are a safe bet and not even objected by the censor board and sails without intervention.

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