The Family Man 2: What will Manoj Bajpayee aka Shrikant Choose?

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The Family Man season 2 trailer was perched on Wednesday. Audiences were eagerly waiting for this trailer, after a long gap of 3 months. Makers of the series Raj and DK said that trailer procured 5 million views in just 5 hours.

Also, it became a trending video on YouTube. Viewers utterly seemed excited for the release of the series. The makers of the show have set a countdown for the worldwide premiere of the series. This time the difficulty of “The Family Man” which is the protagonist Manoj Bajpayee aka Shrikant Tiwari is against “New Face of Danger”.

The Family Man 2 also acknowledges the Ott debut of Telugu star Samantha Akkineni. Unlike the first season, this time Manoj Bajpayee aka Shrikant will be against Telugu star Samantha Akkineni aka Raji. This series will be on air on the Amazon Prime Ott platform on 4 June 2021.

About Trailer Release:

Talking about the trailer release, Aparna Purohit, Head of India Originals, Amazon Prime Video says, “Nothing is more fulfilling for us than our characters becoming a household name. The Family Man season-2 is enormous, more complex, and dials up the action. We are confident that the viewers will be fascinated to watch the face-off between Srikant and his nemesis”.

Whereas, makers Raj and DK added, “We assured the season will be out by the end of summer, and we are glad that we could make it possible. Samantha Akkineni aka Raji has done a fabulous job, along with an all-time- excellent troupe cast.

We are confident we have engraved out an exciting season for you all. Despite having to work in this global pandemic. It is an extraordinarily tough time. And, we hope for better times. Please stay safe, use a mask, and get yourself vaccinated soon”.

Storyline Analysis:

The whole storyline of The Family Man season 2 revolves around the protagonist Srikant Tiwari. He is an intelligence officer, who is bestriding between two different worlds of home life and espionage. This is the story of an ordinary family man stuck in an extraordinary situation. His wife wants him to choose a normal job so that he spends time with his family. But, Shrikant is true to his profession. Due to this Shrikant and his wife always indulges in fights.

His wife is also a working woman, and he demands the cooperation of his husband. But, Shrikant’s busy schedule is not allowing him to do so. He lies to his wife that he doesn’t do any fieldwork. Because his wife does not want him to risk his life. Shrikant also does not have good communication with his kids. Unlike her mother, they also want Shrikant to spend time with family.

Character Analysis: Samantha Akkineni

The co-star Samantha Akkineni aka Raji will be seen striving for a pivotal part in the show’s second season. Makers have promised that Samantha Akkineni Raji’s character will surprise viewers. She will be seen as a bold and edged character in the series.

In the trailer, she was seen saying” I will kill them all”. It reflects a very strong and cruel personality. She was also seen in various fights during the series. Samantha Akkineni is portrayed as a very angry and fierce character in the trailer. She will play the role of the newest nemesis of Manoj Bajpayee aka Shrikant.

Character Analysis: Shrikant Tiwari

According to the trailer, Shrikant will be seen struggling between Samantha Akkineni’s lethal plans and marriage vicissitude. It was observed in the first season that Shrikant’s relations with his wife are not hearty. Their kid’s “Dhriti” and “Atharv” responsibility was handled alone by their mother.

Due to this, Shrikant’s wife was distressed. In the trailer, his wife called their marriage a sham. Shrikant needed to google the word to know the meaning. Their kids were seen shouting “You are not even talking to each other”. Now, it is very unclouded that the family drama will be seen on the peak. Shrikant’s new boss is always saying millesimal catchphrases.

Shrikant being an on-field worker is getting FOMO because he is kept away from his job. But, after some time he will be back with his previous job. Just like the first season, it is expected that season-2 will also be astonishing. After watching the trailer overall viewers say that the series will also be amazing.

Overall Expectations From Series:

Moreover, The Family Man season 2 is expected to be a combination of family drama and action. Season 2 is expected to be a full package of entertainment. Manoj Bajpayee is known for his calm nature. The audience would like to see his angry side.

Apart from all these serious plotlines, there is also a fun and comedy angle between Shrikant and his friend JK. This combination of characters maintains a balance in the whole show.

According to makers, this season was expected to come earlier this year. In response to rising demands, The Family Season 2’s release is scheduled for 4th June 2021 on Amazon Prime Video. Hope you guys enjoy this brand-new season.

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