Big Boss OTT: Controversies Galore!

By FF Network

Even after so many controversies every season, Bigg Boss is reaching heights like no other show. It has come out as one of the most pop-contro show. Began in the year 2006, till now Big Boss has given 14 blockbuster seasons, with an entertainment banger all the time. Now, Big Boss has made its entry on OTT platforms. Contestants are supposed to perform several tasks and survive in the show, and they are supposed to entertain the audience to get the greatest number of votes. The last two contestants get to switch off the lights of BB house, and one of them is declared as a winner.

This year Big Boss 15 is hosted by Karan Johar and BB OTT is streaming every day on Voot. The show commenced on August 8th. The viewers will get a regular dosage of entertainment, drama, and controversies. On premiere night when all 15 contestants take up the BB OTT house. They all got a challenge to be consummated on the OTT platform. The theme of the season was #stayconnected. It means that the contestants have to be partners with housemates. And, this twist was the best because BB house is a place where everybody effectuates themselves. In the rage of being an attention seeker to be in controversies, the twist of getting connected with someone is ultimate. However, BB House tasks are always my “Blue-eyed boy”, because it always scrutinizes the mental and physical abilities of housemates. Obviously, it is BB OTT so Big Boss announced that housemates will entertain Voot 24*7 Live audience. Furthermore, talking about the first nominations Pratik Sehajpal and Akshara Singh was safe from nominations. So, they got the opportunity to supervise the next task.

The fiery season started with a furious fight between Pratik Sehajpaland Divya Agarwaal. Though, they claimed to be “Brother and Sister”, from the previous MTV Show Ace of Space. And, what “love” they showed on BB House, attacking each other like cats and dogs. And, the first week ended with Urfi’selimination by public vote. While the audience voted as being satisfied with the housemate’s performance. Also, an add-on challenge for contestants every week was to win the Boss lady and Man title every week.

Talking about BB House tradition, the punishment of “KalKothri” finds its way into the life of housemates. The contestants mutually decided to punish Akshara Singh and Pratik Sehajpal. Well, that’s also a way of playing a game and Pratik took the plunge to come into the limelight. Giving all the source of arguments, impressing the audience with his performance, and performing exceptionally well in the house. But, his biggest competitor and so-called “Sister” DivyaAgarwaal crosses his way every single time.

Also, a twist of the daily report card was obligatorily followed by the contestants. Housemates faced huge consequences after not being able to get a positive report card. As a result, on day 11, they got a gas supply of only 4 hours a day. Moreover, host Karan Johar left no stone unturned in bashing the housemates for doing something wrong. Mr. Johar slammed DivyaAgarwaal for taking his name in between the BB task. Also, the Season’s biggest twist was when Zeeshan Khan was kicked out of the show for getting into a physical fight with Pratik Sehajpal during the Boss Lady and Man task. All these twists and turns have by far worked in favor of BB OTT TRP. They have managed to entertain the people with their performance.

To predict who will leave the show is a bit tough because we have seen popular people getting evicted earlier and commoners fighting till the end.

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