Movie Review: ‘Bhoot Police’

By Anjali

Horror-Comedy being the doughty genre to make a film on, director Pavan Kripalani and the Bhoot Police team have tried their level best to throw an impact. Bhoot Police starts with the quote of Abraham Lincoln, “To believe in things you can see and touch is no belief at all but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing”.

Firstly, the specialty of horror-comedy movies is opening a new chapter at every phase of it. And, the movie starts with a spur of #itscomplicated, just like some random Facebook relationship status. The film, BhootPolice is released on Disney+ Hotstar on 10th September.

Well, not much in Bhoot Police is swiftly believable, but what the film has in it is engrossing enough for us to be riffled by its gewgaw with fearsome apparitions. The film is revolving around a question placed on a pendulum, “Do ghost exists or not?”. Hustle between two brothers, Vibhooti Vaidya (Saif Ali Khan), and Chiraunji Vaidya (Arjun Kapoor) who have completely different goals in life but are attached to the same string. Vibhooti and Chiraunji being the sons of a famed Tantric cum exorcist Ullat Baba do not see eye to eye on the purpose of voodooism.

Vibhooti Vaidya got the responsibility of maintaining the comic elements throughout the film, and he succeeded in doing so. He is being an #unaplogetic sham who is thrust on exploiting people’s fear, and unaware of the peculiar quality he has in him. Chiraunji, in contrast, wants to take forward his father’s legacy of being a great Tantric. He sees himself as a worthy inheritor of the spiritual arts, his father practiced. Moreover, Vibhooti’s character spices up the comic element of the movie.

Maya does justice to every frame she went in. However, talking about Arjun Kapoor’s acting and expression was an ultimate disappointment. Also, Kanu struggling to deliver a dialogue but manages to keep the glamour in the movie. The film opens in a dessert mansion where a girl is rumored to be possessed by the spirit of her grandfather. Chiraunji felt some sensation in his body and says, “KaaliUrja Hain Yahaan”. And, after each event happening in the movie, the mystery goes more complicated.

Two brothers having contrasting personalities run into two sisters who have nothing in common. Maya (Yami Gautam) wants to protect the legacy of her father and, Kanu (Jacqueline Fernandez) wants to return to London and live her life. And, here starts the war between superstition and scepticism.

The siblings end up in a tea estate in Dharamsala where they are known by his father’s name “Ullat Baba”. Here, starts the talk of the evil and stubborn spirit of the mountains, “Kichkandi”. Maya faces a huge loss in her business as the workers leave before sunset every day due to “Kichkandi’s” fear.

Talking about the cinematography, BhootPolice, shot by Jaya Krishna Gummadi, tries to use dim-light, to create the ambiance of an irreverent. Giving a cheer to the tongue-in-cheek script written by Pavan Kripalani, Pooja Ladha Surti, and Sumit Batheja where they leave the age-old concept of romancing in a horror film and using double-meaning dialogues in a comic film. The storyline evokes and sends up many of the conventions that usually go into a big-screen scare-fest.

Talking about the overall performance of the film, it would not be wrong to say that it shares genuinely funny scenes and exchanges. Brushing aside the age-old concept of “BhootBhagao”, it talks about the concept, “Bhoot Aaya Kaha Se”. The interconnection between the elements of the story has made an impeccable impression on the audience.

Saif’s quality dialogue has brought the flavor of comedy balanced in the film. Due to Kanu’s and Vibhooti’s constant interference, it felt like there is no ghost in the film. But, guess what when Vibhooti realizes his ability to see dead people. It opens up the base of the story.

Bhoot Police can be an ordinary film for people expecting Hollywood-level horror scenes. Because the VFX used in Bollywood makes the scenes funny instead of horror. It may not be the type of film that will captivate every palate, but Saif Ali Khan being on a roll is a thrill. In contrast, Arjun Kapoor does not keep pace with him. Jaaved Jaffrey got the longish cameo, and he makes the most of it. Rajpal Yadav and Girish Kulkarni also put in Fleeting appearances went on in flash.

Bhoot Police does not set the bar high. But it would be wrong to say that movie was good for nothing. The film is an example of experimental cinema, and thus it somewhere lies between being good and very bad. In the end, all that the film needs to entertain people with a passable script and a bunch of actors who know how to do justice to the character.

FF Ratings: ***