Movie Review: ‘Joker’ (Zero Star)

(By Akshat Sharma)This week’s Bollywood release ‘Joker’ is a cruel joke on cine goers. The movie is so pathetic and lame that you start wondering what on earth made Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha sign this disaster. Director Shirish Kunder’s misadventure called ‘Joker’ will go down in the history of Indian cinema as one of the most appalling films to watch.

It is a movie about aliens and to be honest any attempt by Indian filmmakers to make another ‘ ET’ is nothing but suicidal. Neither do we have the resources nor the technology to make a believable film on aliens in India.

‘Joker’ opens in a village aptly named Pagalpur. This village actually does not exist on the map as it went off the radar during the British Raj. A scientist-hero comes into picture who wants to contact aliens. He makes a plan and whole Paglapur gets involved in it.

The script showcases an array of bizarre characters who launch a torrid attack on your brain cells. The film meanders aimlessly till the end and you fail to understand what exactly is going around. ‘Joker’ has not a single funny joke to offer as all the jokes in movie make fun of your commonsense.

After watching the movie you are left in a state of comatose. No point in discussing the movie further because it is not even worth criticising this dysfunctional film. Shrish Kunder, if possible, should be banned from making such movies and the audience should be saved from the mental agony of watching such disasters.

Actress Chitrangada Singh’s hip shaking number ‘Kaafiraana’ is the only relief which you get in this more than two hours long horror called ‘Joker’.

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