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Four Reasons to Watch Sex/Life, Right Now!

By Nital Jain 

The show feels like a quickie, you’re satisfied but it could have lasted longer. The series is full of steamy scenes, beautiful bodies, sexual fantasies, smut journalling, and boring marriages. The show gained popularity maybe because of its relatability, the lack of personal fulfillment, a fraying marriage and doubts about the road not taken. If not that, the series had such steamy scenes that they could’ve easily driven the show with just that.
The show is about Bille who is frustrated by lack of passion in her marriage with Cooper, the monotonous lifestyle makes her question her choices, so she starts journaling and obsessing about her ex-boyfriend, Brad, who was a big red flag but was wild enough to keep her going back to him all for the passion they shared. The series also showcases a good strong-headed friend of Billie, Sasha, their friendship was sweet enough for us to want a best friend like her to discuss our ‘sex/life’.

We’ve listed four reasons why you should watch Sex/Life:

1. The casting is beautiful
The show has absolutely taken beautiful actors and it is really a sight for sore eyes. Sarah Shahi plays Billie Connelly, Adam Demos plays Brad Simon, Mike Vogel plays Cooper Connelly and Margaret Odette plays Sasha Snow. The cast can be considered as a huge factor in its popularity. The full-frontal nudity in one scene created quite a lot of controversy because the Australian actor puts everything on display and by everything, we literally mean EVERYTHING. The scene created a stir on social media debating whether the actor used a body double or was it prosthetic?

The show’s creator later cleared the air on the viral scene by saying that nobody double was used and a gentleman never tells if it’s real or prosthetics, so we’ll leave it to the viewer’s imagination. If by chance you’re wondering which scene is this then turn onto episode 3 at 19:50.

2. The screenplay is perfect
The script of the show as well as the acting instructions and scene direction is perfect. The transitions of past life and present life are so smooth and clear that the show gets you hooked. The story of Billie unfolds with themes of female desires and fantasies. Given that the intimacy scenes in the series were very important, series creator Stacy Rukeyser hired an intimacy coordinator to help on set during the shoots, especially during steamy scenes. The series wants to showcase that it is okay to have sexual desires. Billie and Sasha are both ivy-league graduates, they are smart, independent and also really enjoy sex. Usually, the happily married woman is showcased to be just perfect without any desires of their own, but this show showcases the desire for sex as normal human behaviour even though you’re in a good marriage.

3. Steamy scenes, need of the hour
Netflix dropped the series when all of us are stuck at home or our lives are more boring than ever because corona acts as a cockblock. We can only fulfil our desires by watching beautiful people doing it on large screens. If you don’t know it already, the show has more than one sex session per episode and mind you the one where the show goes from R rated to X rated with the shower scene in episode 3, has left a lot of women craving for more. The scenes are not only about sex but they are so full of passion, desires and fantasy that if you watch just one episode there’s literally no going back so enter at your own risk. The show has been amongst the top 10 on Netflix in almost all the countries with being Top 2 in India and No.1 in Australia. Is it worth watching? Yes, as much as it was worth watching 365 days.

4. Short, but interesting
The show has 8 episodes, all-around 45-50minutes if you get hooked you can literally binge and finish it in one day. And if I may, you will most probably finish it in one day because you will definitely get hooked. The story is not as interesting as the steamy scenes which keep the show going and of course the beautiful actors. The series could also be on your weekend menu with some wine and even better if you have your boo so that you can Netflix and chill, quite literally! And as Billie said she covered 73% of Kama Sutra positions, you will definitely watch and learn almost all of them.

So, what are you waiting for? Add Sex/Life to your watchlist and devour your inner demons!
 Happy Binging!

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