Top Ten Bollywood celebrities with the most beautiful skin to die for

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Tinsel town is a telltale of handsome looks. The looks of a person go a long way in establishing his/her credentials. The clothes one wear, the way the hair is kept and courteous behaviour – all adds to the style quotient of a person. And one of the major contributors to make a person a stand out definitely has to be his/her skin tenor. A glowing, well-maintained smooth skin definitely makes a person hundred times more attractive than others who pay less attention to their outward body surface. 

Our skin is literally a big deal. People tend to forget, but then it’s the largest organ in the body and one of the most complicated. One must take care of it as is taken care for other organs. A healthy skin with rich tone signifies the health of a person.  Not only does the skin hold every part of the body together, it also plays a crucial role in providing an airtight, watertight and flexible barrier between the outside world and the highly regulated systems within the body. The skin also helps with temperature regulation, builds up the immunity of the body and creates various types of sensation for the human mind which we frequently feel. But most importantly, skin plays a significant role in adding the required ‘oomph factor’ to our overall outward personalities While many of us walk down the road of skin-care without much knowledge, we can learn a great deal from our fav celebrities. Whether it’s Hollywood’s Kim Kardashian or Bollywood’s AnushkaSharma—the list is exhaustive.  

So, let us take a sneak-peek into some of the prettiest B-towners with unblemished skin and their celebrated beauty hacks.

1. Aditi Rao Hydari

This diva flaunts an absolutely gorgeous ‘Glass Skin’ texture in her most natural get-up. In many of her interviews, Aditihas reportedly said she prefers a ‘natural skin care’ regime which mostly consists of lots of fruits, milk and healthy grains such as oats. As you must have noticed, she also prefers to keep herself ‘make-up’ free on most days. Yes, we know it’s something hard to believe provided how spotless she looks.

2. Alia Bhatt

This bubbly and chirpy actress surprises us every time with her make-up free selfies adorning her Insta handle. She stumps us with those ruby cheeks, ever-glowing complexion,and a drop-dead gorgeous smile. For her, moisturizer is the key to beautiful skin. She also likes to include a sculpting face massager and roller in her skin-care routine. No wonder, she has one of the most chiselled features among all in the industry.

3. Kareena Kapoor

Do you, like most, wonder what keeps Kareena Kapoorshining all the time in her pictures. Well, Bebo likes to keep it simple with plenty of water, religious skincare routine, and yoga—to live in that dazzling skin of hers. The 40-plus actress surely fools us with her youthful and vibrant skin. Oh, and, to top it off, those luscious cheeks are sure a bonus in her overall looks. Agree!

4. Shruti Haasan

This beautiful ‘Ramaiya Vastavaiya’ actress dons a naturally flawless skin that makes fans drool over her looks. Like most, she prefers a less chemically-drenched skin care routine and keeps it simple. She also avoids junk food and maintains a healthy diet to keep her skin youthful and healthy. She surely is a role model of how good diet and lovely skin go together. Remember folks, only cosmetic products won’t give you that envious skin—you need to clean up your diet too.

5. Anushka Sharma

Anushka keeps it simple and relies on face massages for that ‘ooh la la’ skin glow. She also believes in oil pulling for good dental and overall health. She even shared it on her Instagram. She takes proper care of her immune system as well, and shared a picture showing her new found love in elderflower for having great anti-bacterial properties. She also believes in workout—to keep that skin radiating.

6. Nargis Fakhri

Did you know that Rockstar fame Nargis is already is already 40-plus…well, yes, that’s right. Although we know age is just a number, she can make anyone go gaga with her make-up free looks and defy all age-related conventions easily. Beauty comes from within and she’s the perfect example of that. She recently shared her skin care routine which was as simple as anyone’s. The stunner uses reliable beauty products on her face and goes for a detox every once in a while. If you want to take some anti-aging secrets from an experienced person, you must go and watch her video ASAP.

7. Shilpa Shetty

This ravishing Bollywood actress-cum-fitness enthusiast makes us love struck with her flawless skin every time she steps out. She has given interviews many a times revealing the secrets of her beautiful skin which include a proper diet. She prefers to keep herself fit and nourished from inside. Coconut water is also something that the actress swears by. She also flaunts impeccably beautiful hair which is certainly a top up to her overall good looks.

8. Yami Gautam

This beauty recently got hitched—and what we could only look forward to was her look in the wedding attire. And why not—she is blessed with the most flawless skin. But make up or not, Yami packs a punch with her glowing skin and a lovely smile. The actress has spoken about her skincare regimen at length and it includes essential oils and natural products like turmeric and honey.

9. Katrina Kaif

Do we even need to repeat how much we love Katrina’s no-frills looks. She is the apt example of how to look absolutely delightful without even a drop of make-up on face. Though she might be aging—who cares as long as she drapes that unbeatably ethereal skin type. The Jagga Jasoos actress and Vicky Kaushal’s wife believes in promoting collagen production of skin with ample care and nutrition. She also likes to keep her make-up style in tandem with her overall simple looks. How we only wish we had that lovely skin…

10. Ileana D’Cruz

This Mubarakan actress has a skin to vouch for. Ileana prefers to take remedies for tanning and sun-exposure as part of her daily skin care routine. She also says that moisturizing skin is very essential to achieve those skin-care goals. Sun exposure could be a serious roadblock to our anti-aging mechanism, and we can only learn so much from her. Her naturally beautiful skin is what makes her face totally picture-perfect on every occasion.

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  1. Being a Bollywood fan,I always adore the beautiful skin of Bollywood actresses. I always wanted to have a glamorous glow in my skin. To be very frank,I personally just want feel like a star. I initially thought that the artificial makeup is the answer of the glow in the skin of Bollywood divas. Before reading this article,I was totally unknown to the fact that the secret behind the gorgeous look of Bollywood divas is the nature’s goodness.
    I have never had this thought in my mind that every beautiful Bollywood diva opts natural ways for glowing skin.I got really inspired by different skin care routine of different actresses.
    I am eager to opt the ways that different Bollywood beauties opt for the glowing skin. Well,thanks to the writer, this article has been intensely helpful for me.

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